Saturday, July 24, 2021

Physical Delvers to Grow soon?

I missed this update, probably because Doug posts a lot of updates and I can't be checking every day to see what's up:

Core Books: In the House!

I'm looking forward to having a physical book of the Delvers to Grow. I think it's a very good addition to DFRPG, and I'd like to have an actual physical reference to use.

I mostly use PDF for reference, but I find it easier to read physical books. I ordered a copy of this above and beyond my author's copy. I expect only one but if I end up with two I'm going to pass it on to someone in my gaming circle without one. If Doug had these 5 days ago, it's not going to be too long before they start arriving with the pledgers.


  1. I got the core books a bit ago, and am expecting Crypt, Fast Delvers, Smart Delvers, and Strong Delvers next week. The all-in-one Omnibus edition is the first week in August.

  2. Also, as an author, you get 5x copies of Crypt, and 1x of everything else that's part of the current project. That last one isn't in your contract, but it seems the right thing to do. :-)

    1. Nice. I pledged for the omnibus because I didn't know that, but I'll happily spread out my purchases to my friends.


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