Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Haul from Sakatha

Here is what the PCs took home from Sakatha's lair (remember 1 sp = $1 in DF Felltower, and gold is $5000 per pound) last session:

Sakatha's gold crown, cut in two ($16,000 worth of gold)

4 gold bracelets worth $1000 each

Girdle of Savage Might

4" Crystal Ball, enchanted with Crystal Ball-15 ($40,000)

23,010 sp ($23,010)

1,361 gp ($27,220)

51 pieces of jewelry (av. $200 each)

100 assorted gemstones (av. $100 each)

6 Javelins of Shock

5 Javelins of Penetration

7 Javelins of Fire

Two scrolls - one turned out to be cursed, inflicting a fungal disease on Gerry . . . it took Remove Curse and Cure Disease to remove it. The other was a charged wizard scroll with Aura-15 (x4)

Iron lamp sealed with magic symbols of sealing.

Dwarven Whetstone

Fine Thrusting Broadsword, Puissance +1, Flaming Weapon ($22,800) (this was Ashers, and Vryce's before that, from Session 8.

- Sakatha was wearing the Girdle of Savage Might. It didn't detect as magical, because its powers aren't from wizardly magic. Or holy, for that matter. They gave it to Bruce after Crogar passed on it because it wasn't something he'd like to wear. So now Bruce has it. Details are in Barbarians, p. 29. One of my players asked if this was from a book, or from me. Both! So now Bruce is even stronger than before.

- Ulf's player also played Desmond, and wanted them to save the crytal ball, so Desmond could learn Crystal Gazing and scry. Uh, no, they chose $16K over that.

- The javelins will probably show up in some Felltower article at some point. Suffice it to say they're one-shot.
- the cursed scroll wasn't resisted. Yeah, not really fair. Just kidding, of course that's fair.

- that was El Murik's whetstone.

- the PCs never found where the non-magical stuff from their dead PCs was stored. It was there, but they never found it.

- That's about $90K in cash or equivalent to cash, plus ~$16K in a salable crystal ball, plus magic items. And the PCs salvaged Sakatha's broken shield and trident and are thinking to pay for a Repair spell so they can sell them for a small (less than $100) profit. Yeah . . . I don't know.


  1. So Crogar just didn't like the style?

  2. The style was all Bruce, and he put it on thinking it had no powers whatsoever (I was roleplaying him for the player, who couldn't make this session), because: (a) That is a very Bruce thing to do; (b) it is very much HIS PLAYER'S thing to do, who in real life probably has Impulsive (9), or maybe Impulsive (6); and (c) generally Bruce figures he can outlast most things with Resist Poison 5 or 6, HT 14, Fit, and 40 hp. Just not multiple stabs to the vitals from Sakatha when acid burned off much of his Shirtless Savage DR. So I think on the off chance it was cursed in some fashion, Crogar was not ever going to put it on and Bruce DEFINITELY was.

    Super bummed the mundane loot was there and not found (not because of the money value, but sentimentality and "completionist" tendencies). Alas. Wyatt suspected it was in the burial mounds--that they took it with them. Perhaps.

    1. Yeah, and I think if it wasn't for Bruce it would have been just disposed of in town as a curio. Not all "magic items" are detectable as magic. Mage Sight and Magery detect magic in specific, not supernatural in general.

      It suits Bruce better anyway.

  3. Also, I'll make sure his player emails you, but he Bruce is definitely spending his 5 points on Striking ST 2 (he currently has 1). That puts him up to 5d-1 basic swing damage. Thematically appropriate for someone who just wants to be the strongest and tallest (not much he can do about the latter, but he's already ridiculous at 7'6" and now about 375 to 400 lbs).

    1. "... who just wants to be the strongest and tallest (not much he can do about the latter..."

      Maybe find some Platform Boots of Growth and Shrinking?

  4. "Haul from Sakatha"

    For the briefest moment I read that as "Hail from Sakatha" and was hoping for some curse or some such to befall the delvers as Sakatha's Revenge. Luckily the scroll helped make that happen, but I'm not sure Sakatha would want to remembered for "itchy swamp feet", kinda a demotion from feared Undying Evil.

  5. How did they know Gerry's fungal rot was due to a curse and not just poor hygene and tromping around in a swamp in wet clothes and boots for weeks? I'm sure there's some killer athlete's foot infections in the party.

    I'm betting the magically sealed iron lamp is Peter's version of AD&D's iron flask.

    1. It was pretty obvious, and pretty fast. The curse wasn't subtle. They've been making all of their Survival rolls, generally, so they've managed to avoid any real issues with fungal infections . . . and have a cleric who can routinely clean them up, as well.


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