Saturday, January 15, 2022

More Pathfinder!

Yes, all I did today was play Pathfinder. At least, all the gaming I did today was playing Pathfinder.

So what's up?

- lots and lots and lots to do. Lots of freedom. And yet, it's possible to do things in the "wrong" order. In one area an NPC warned me about another NPC being ahead. He was not. He was somewhere else I'd bypassed . . . which I found out when I went back.

- there are fun bits, like exploiting the perk of having an undead companion ("disarm" death traps by setting them off, she's dead already).

- there are annoying bits, like seemingly having to leave Oleg's outpost to re-equip all of your companions.

- Attacks of Opportunity are really annoying. My worst foe so far? Wolves. They often - I'd say usually - knock down my guys on a hit. When you stand up - the only thing you can seemingly go when down - you provoke an Attack of Opportunity. So much so that knocked down PCs in a fight vs. wolves are basically dead. I played one fight against a wolf pack with a worg, uhm, 11 times? We all got killed in all 11 of them. Okay . . .

- It's odd how many little things you have to control manually, like doing a Coup de Grace (not automatic against a sleeping foe, for example, you need to select it), or using Mobility to try to evade better when necessary. By default, you just do default-y things.

- the perspective makes some attacks less helpful. I've put Grease down on NPCs and then my guys fall down trying to melee them at what I thought was the edge. I've manuevered carefully to be out of the cone of a cone attack and yet all of my guys are somehow still in it. I've basically given up on some of those attacks.

Overall, a lot of fun, except when I decide to reload from a save and ram my head against the same fight over and over. It's tiresome. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to deal with those issues as I master the system a bit more.


  1. I was starting to get worried, hadn't seen a post all week from you ... then suddenly today a week's worth all at once. I think there must have been a cache issue in a hub between ye and me... or Chrome is playing at silly games again. Anyway, good to see I was starting to 'totally not worry at all' over nothin.

    1. I have been posting late in the day, but I have been posting every day. Must have been Chrome or a caching issue.

  2. At Oleg's you can open your own inventory and then switch to other characters. Took me a while to figure that out myself.

    1. I just figured that out, too - and that you can scroll to people not currently in your party, too! Helpful, but not obvious. The games needs a manual that doesn't seem to exist.

    2. But thanks for pointing that out!


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