Tuesday, August 16, 2022

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 22: Gates for sale

I think I totally missed this. But DF22: Gates is available for sale on Warehouse 23.

It's $4. I don't get royalties on it - it was a flat-rate contract - but I do get enjoyment out of people reading it. So if you missed the 2021 PDF Challenge and want to include gates in your DF/DFRPG game, have at it!

Monday, August 15, 2022

Logistics, Foraging, and Murderhobos

In gaming, we call adventurers "murderhobos." Essentially, nomadic travelers who pillage and kill their way around the countryside, yet somehow claim they're doing good.

As acoup makes clear, in the past, the term for these types was "soldiers." Armies did the same - traveled to their destination (where they intended to rape, pillage, and kill) and along the way they'd "forage." By forage, we mean rape, pillage, and kill. Pretty much all that murderhobos don't do in game is the sexual assault portion of the whole deal. But otherwise, it's take what they can, kill when that facilitates taking, and self-justify all of it along the way. Those who resist are foes, those who don't should have resisted. And they expect a reward for doing so and expect anyone they "help" - as defined by the PCs - to provide anything they need on top of the reward.

ACOUP has a nice little series going about this - logistics for ancient/medieval armies.

Part II deals with "foraging."

Logistics I
Logistics II
Logistics III

With games, though, we tend to gloss over the effort it takes to travel. Small groups has less issues. We also tend to just let PCs buy some "rations" and check them off as if everyone can just eat pre-packaged perfectly-sized meals three times per day and march at maximum efficiency.

In reality, though, it's more than a little nastier than that.

Food for thought, on the subject of how you get food for armies.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Felltower Bosses - What's in, and What Issues

The most votes on what I should publish for Felltower are boss monsters.

There needs to be a list of what's in, and there are some issues. Let's tackle them in turn.

What monsters go in?

I'm sure these are the bosses people would expect to see:

Durak, the Lord of Spite (and his boars - his doomchildren are from DF2)

Mungo the Giant Troll

The Dragon

The Evil Tree

The BIG Dragon


The Draugr (Added 8/15/22)

Baron Sterick the Red (Added 8/15/22)

. . . and who else, then? The gnome? The lizardman chieftan is already published. And there are other bosses awaiting discovery.

The issues on doing a boss book are really threefold:

- Art. You can't have boss monsters without boss art.

- Big reveals. My players will end up reading the book. Most of the bosses they haven't permanently disposed of, so I'd be revealing details they don't know.

- Publisher. I can do some of this myself, but not with GURPS stats. So I need to convince SJG to publish a stat-heavy book (which they haven't done a lot of) or convert this to DFRPG and a different world system and see if it falls under Doug's license.

There is a minor issue in that I'd need to rename a few things. Sakatha is a direct copy of a monster from a TSR adventure, even if what I did with him was somewhat different. Durak and Mungo are based on minis, one from TSR and one from Paizo.

Let's see what's doable here. This would be a fun book to do, but at the moment there might be too many issues to easily do it.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

"Red" Grant in 007

I just watched "Dr. No" and "From Russia With Love," the first two Bond movies. I never saw Dr. No beginning to end before; I'd seen From Russia With Love more times than I could easily count.

With that in mind, here is a screenshot of the stats of Robert Shaw's character from From Russia With Love from the James Bond 007 game from Victory Games - Donovan "Red" Grant.

I doubt I could ever run this game well, but man, I wish I could . . . and I'd love to play it run by a GM that really understood the genre well.

I'd post Jaws, but I don't own either movie he's in . . . suffice it to say, he violates several rules on his own.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Thoughts & Links for 8/12/2022

Busy week, again.

- Feel free to opine in on what I need to focus on writing for publication from Felltower.

- Oooh, new DF game afoot?

DF Novices

- andi jones would like this:

Gamma Eats

One of my favorite Japanese foods would be good Gamma World food - cheese flavor Calorie Mate!

- News about Bat in the Attic games that I'd missed earlier.

- I still have people work to review . . . I'll do that this weekend.

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Felltower - What to Write followup

Here is what I was suggested for Felltower bits people want to see:

- Boss monster stats

- Monster stats

- House rules

- Encounters

- Puzzles, traps, etc.

I think some of them are easily doable. I'll just need to see what I can write up and publish. Monster stats are always tricky, because I re-use monsters all of them time. But some are known enough to the PCs that I can probably reveal them. I've done a room writeup - there is one in Pyramid - so I'll look at more of those.

Thanks for the helpful comments - I'm happy to take more requests. The more votes for something, the more likely I am to consider it important.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

What Felltower Stuff to Show?

I've posted some house rules from Felltower, our summaries, and whatnot.

SJG has published four books with elements of Felltower in them:

Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 3

DFTT3: Artifacts of Felltower

DF21: Megadungeons

DF22: Gates

Plus an Pyramid article or two featuring elements of the game.

So what else do people really want to see? I don't have control over what SJG will publish, but I do have control over what I write up at least. I figure only a few things are off limits:

- PC writeups. Those are PCs in my games but they aren't my PCs.

- Maps. Too much of a nightmare to turn my hand-drawn maps into publishable format.

What would interest you guys the most? Let me see if I can turn some energy into turning that out.
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