Saturday, January 15, 2022

More Pathfinder!

Yes, all I did today was play Pathfinder. At least, all the gaming I did today was playing Pathfinder.

So what's up?

- lots and lots and lots to do. Lots of freedom. And yet, it's possible to do things in the "wrong" order. In one area an NPC warned me about another NPC being ahead. He was not. He was somewhere else I'd bypassed . . . which I found out when I went back.

- there are fun bits, like exploiting the perk of having an undead companion ("disarm" death traps by setting them off, she's dead already).

- there are annoying bits, like seemingly having to leave Oleg's outpost to re-equip all of your companions.

- Attacks of Opportunity are really annoying. My worst foe so far? Wolves. They often - I'd say usually - knock down my guys on a hit. When you stand up - the only thing you can seemingly go when down - you provoke an Attack of Opportunity. So much so that knocked down PCs in a fight vs. wolves are basically dead. I played one fight against a wolf pack with a worg, uhm, 11 times? We all got killed in all 11 of them. Okay . . .

- It's odd how many little things you have to control manually, like doing a Coup de Grace (not automatic against a sleeping foe, for example, you need to select it), or using Mobility to try to evade better when necessary. By default, you just do default-y things.

- the perspective makes some attacks less helpful. I've put Grease down on NPCs and then my guys fall down trying to melee them at what I thought was the edge. I've manuevered carefully to be out of the cone of a cone attack and yet all of my guys are somehow still in it. I've basically given up on some of those attacks.

Overall, a lot of fun, except when I decide to reload from a save and ram my head against the same fight over and over. It's tiresome. Hopefully I'll figure out a way to deal with those issues as I master the system a bit more.

Friday, January 14, 2022

Random Thoughts & Links for 1/14/2022

It's Friday, time for some random stuff.

- Three Smoking Dice is putting up some orcs.

- I'm still waiting on almost everyone's equipment to plug into GCA and then into Foundry. Sigh. We won't have any reason to play if we're not taking advantage of the combat engine, in my opinion, but our usual laggards are lagging. Sigh.

- This webpage shows Edestekai as orange and green. I personally haven't found any color descriptions of them. I'm still going with my current paint scheme. Especially after seeing this uninspired one.

- A nice look at the Dungeon of the Mad Mage. I liked it, although I haven't played it.

- This is awesome - colonial skirmish Cthulhu.

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Two Optional Hit Location Rules

Here are two untested optional rules for hit locations:

Revised Miss by 1 hits Torso: For swinging attacks, a miss by 1 against the skull, face, or neck hits the torso instead. For thrusting attacks, a miss by 1 against the skull or eyes hits the face, a miss by 1 against the vitals, or neck hits the torso. For either type of attack, a miss by 1 against the groin hits the either leg (1-2 and 3-4) or the torso (5-6); optionally, make it torso by default.

Why? This removes the oddness of trying to stab someone in the eyes and hitting their torso instead. Also, of swinging at the groin and hitting the torso only. And the leg never taking the shot for a groin miss is just odd.

Shield Arm and Hand. The shield arm or hand can be hit randomly, past a (strapped-on) shield. However, the roll must be confirmed. If the original "to hit" roll would have hit the arm (-4) or hand (-8), it hits. If not, re-roll. A second result of the same arm or hand hits it regardless!

A hand-held buckler only protects the hand in this manner.

Why? It's weird that the shield and buckler don't actually make getting hit randomly in the covered locations less likely.

I have no idea how these would work in actual play.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

A Pathfinder a Day

I didn't have much time for gaming stuff today - only about 30 minutes, very near the end of my day.

I spent all of it playing Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

I'm getting a bit more of a hang of the game. I had to, in the end, restart, and make a slightly different character to better fit what I needed long-term and short-term.

I also found I hadn't given enough thought to the development of my companions. I spent a bit of time reading about builds and feats and class level benefits. So where I'd just leveled up a fighter companion as a fighter, I instead leveled her up as a Rogue so I could get Sneak Attacks when she fought side-by-side with a friend. I knew what the benefit of "stances" were for barbarians, so I chose a stance instead of a different feat for my barbarian. And so on.

A few things still get me:

- the maddening frustration at guys who have a 3 to hit and miss 4 times out of 5.

- dealing with fear spells, which usually take out my best guys pretty quickly.

- optimizing healing. I won a single fight with a lot of potions but then rested 12 hours with casters with lots of healing and still ended up wounded badly. Okay, fine, but I have no idea if that's normal or bad rolls.

- a tiny, tiny, tiny event log window that scrolls most of what I want to see up before I can find it, and a very fast scroll speed on it so I can't just go up a little bit.

- PC names covering up die rolls.

- trees blocking my vision to my combatants.

- and making sense of the use of recipes. Okay, I can learn to cook with all of these bits I find, but it doesn't count as food?

Overall, still having fun, but it feels like I'm wasting a lot of time recovering from getting mauled and in traveling, without a good plan of where to go next. I just guess at what's a safe side mission. Last time around, I guessed wrong twice in a row and ended up with lots of bad stuff as a result.

Still fun. A little frustrating on the interface.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Edestekai WIP

I finally got back to painting these two Edestekai from Star Frontiers.

Not a lot done, just put on the fringes and outlined the eyes. Next, I need to decide on an eye color. I'm thinking white with a purple iris. I think that'll pop nicely and say "Alien!" more than anything else.

Maybe dark brown for the spear and a spearhead of bronze, then some bright metal colors for the ornaments and the headdress of the leader.

Should look nice. No idea what to do with them - in DF the PCs would just stab them in the eyes and that's that. I need to save them for some Sci-Fi game in the future, perhaps.

In any case, here they are:

Monday, January 10, 2022

WIP Viking drinking

I think I got this from a Black Tree Design set, but I don't think they sell the set anymore if so.

He's probably going to be a Tavern Level patron in Felltower or another potion taster.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

How goes Foundry VTT Felltower?

We're playing our next session of Felltower in a couple of weeks. From now on, barring issues, we'll be playing in Foundry VTT hosted on The Forge.

How is it going?

- Mapping is a big of an issue. As in, I need a way to create battlemaps and upload them, or create them in Foundry. I found Dungeon Draw and I hope to have time tomorrow to spend learning to use it.

- I'm slowly getting the PCs uploaded. We've got a few issues, mainly being that I keep up-to-date copies of people's character, but not of their equipment. Which means I can't easily track damage or DR for them. To fully take advantage of the VTT I need those. So far, I still need about 5 or 6 players to send me their equipment so I can put it in GCA and upload it to Foundry from there.

- I sent around a video showing the basics of PC management and combat, but I have no idea who, if anyone, watched it. I hope some do, because I'll be a newbie at the system, too. I can't reasonably GM a game, help players, make sure they're doing what they're supposed to, and run the enemy, and teach people how to do something I'm not fully fluent in at the same time. I'm not sure I can do half of those together smoothly.

- I need to upload more creatures, but I'm loathe to just upload everything and potentially flood the server with material I won't use. So I do need to know what the PCs are doing next. They're stuck in a bit of a circule - a large contingent want to go after the 33 draugr, again, but only if Heyden comes with his Holy Warrior lens. I gather that Heyden doesn't want to go after the draugr until he's got enough points to buy the Holy Warrior lens and then max out Higher Purpose vs. undead. So it's a bit of a conundrum. If I knew, it would vastly simplify my game prep. Otherwise, I need to prep for the draugr with a combat map, and also prep for "anything else."

So I'm a little stuck on what next. First, learn to map and hope my players send me their info. If not, that's what we're spending a chunk of the game session on - putting in the equipment piece by piece in GCA so I can upload their characters to Foundry.
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