Monday, July 16, 2018

Line Painting & Finishing Up Guys I Don't Like

Some line painting today:

Those six guys came out blurry in the shot but you can see they mostly have their base coats on.

Next up:

- the head on the standard.

- their shields, off the figures first.

- mount the shields.

- wash with a brown or black magic wash (maybe both) to deepen all of the colors.

I like these figures. I didn't have any fun at all painting them.

They're all done, except:

- the shellbacks need a magic wash to protect the paints and bring out the depth.

- the mangator needs his eyes done, and then a magic wash.

It's too humid to do a wash now, I think.

Last couple hours of Advanced Labyrinth Lord

Last couple of hours on this Kickstarter. If you like Labyrinth Lord (basically, a B/X D&D derivative) and Advanced Edition Companion (a B/X derivative version of AD&D, basically), this is a one-book compilation of both books.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

What spells do DF wizards need in Felltower?

Following up on my own post, what spells do DF wizards need in Felltower?

This list obvious is much different than it would have been in the past. It's based very heavily on current needs and situations the PCs face now.

Levitate. This is a critical spell because "easy" access to the dungeon now involves a fair amount of climbing. Even fairly solid Climbing isn't enough to ensure a risk-free entrance to the dungeon. Plus, hauling out loot, wounded comrades, monsters bits that the PCs are sure will sell, etc. This is one the party needs. Wizards love it for gliding around "out of harm's way," which largely isn't true, but still.

Missile Shield. This is less critical because of the increasing prevalence of missiles the spell won't or can't stop, such as meteoric iron bullets for slings and prodds and area-effect attacks. But it is what keeps your wizard from being pincushioned by the all-too-real threat of orcish arrows and poisoned crossbow bolt traps.

Scry Gate. Gates are a major part of Felltower, and the path to real riches and success lays in going through them. Going completely uninformed is foolish, however, and risky.

Seek Gate. Useful mainly to find a gate in a new area. It's on the list of very important spells to have.

Shape Earth. If you can't shape stone obstacles out of the way, you will slow down the party significantly. Or make some exits impossible!

Note this automatically means you know Seek Earth. Good thing, you need that, too.

Finally, a fire or acid spell very useful. Fire more than acid, but you need one. There are a number of things that can't be fully defeated without burning damage or corrosion damage.

Looking over the PCs and the dungeon, those seem to be the "show up with these or don't show up" level of magic. Not everyone can and will start with all of these, but you need some. A complete wizard will eventually want to know them all.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kickstarter Ending Soon: Hall of Judgment for DFRPG

I'd like to amplify the signal on this Kickstarter that is ending soon:

Doug's Hall of Judgment for the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game. It is an excellent supplement from what I've seen. Doug always makes very high-quality books. And if you support this, you're supporting GURPS and the Dungeon Fantasy Role-Playing Game alike. So, please do that.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Kickstarter Ending Soon: Advanced Labyrinth Lord

Less than 72 hours to go in this one that I backed:

I figured I'd post it and make sure no one missed it who is interested.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

What spells do DF wizards need?

After re-reading For Want of Dispel Magic, I was thinking, what do DF wizards need to bring to the table?

Not want, not desire, not build around, but capital-N need to have in order to do their job?

These are spells that I feel do things that you can't easily do another way.

In no particular order:

Dispel Magic and Counterspell. You need to be able to counter magical effects. If they best you can hope for is "maybe he'll snap out of it" or "maybe the spell will run out" or "let's try putting sunglasses on him" you're probably hosed. You need to be able to counter spell effects.

Mage Sight. Although you can generally spot magic items with just Magery and Per, this is a simple, foolproof way to check for them. Don't depend on "I can spot magic items" to spot all magic, either. "More reliable" is worth one damn point. Spend it.

See Secrets. Yes, the Scout and Thief spot stuff without this. They'll spot everything with it.

Remove Curse. If it's not placed on the "cleric only" list, this is a must-have. Be able to remove lasting, curse-like effects - like Curse or Possession spells.

(Forgot one: Continual Light. For the love of everything that is delving, be able to create a lasting light source.)

Campaign matters, too. Felltower rewards Seek Earth, Scry Gate, and Levitate pretty well. But the few above are one that, when PCs lack them, they lack the ability to usefully do things that only wizards can do. What else is on the "must have" list? Not types - I don't mean "some kind of missile spell" but specific spells.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

840+ hours of DF

I was just updating the DF Campaign page and thought about about much DF we've played.

We usually play for about 8 hours. It's very rarely less, it's often more. So, conservatively we've play 840 hours of DF. It's probably much close to 1000 than that, though. I'm counting a few sessions I knew were closer to 10 hours and a few 12+ hour sessions as 8 here.

I think I'm going to put myself down as "very experienced" in running Felltower, and "experienced" in running DF in general.

I'm just sorry I haven't been able to find more hours to play in.
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