Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Searching in OD&D from The Retired Adventurer

I like this approach to searching for early D&D systems. I could easily apply this to AD&D, too.

Searching: Describing Actions and Rolling

I especially like the meshing of roleplaying/player input and rolling - something I do a lot of in GURPS.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Greg Stafford passed away

Akratic Wizardry put up a post that caused me to notice this:

Vale Greg Stafford (1948 - 2018)

Greg Stafford wrote a lot of games. I mentioned one of the more interesting ones back in 2016, Prince Valiant. It's sad to see one of the great RPG designers pass away.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The Black Castle's walls

Some inspirational description of architecture for today:

"Dark, glassy, jointless stone slid past. "My god!" He could see into the wall. He saw bones, fragments of bones, bodies, pieces of bodies, all suspended as if floating in the night. As Raven turned toward the gate, he saw a staring face. "What kind of place is this?""
- Glen Cook, Shadows Linger, p. 57

I don't do horror gaming, but I do put unpleasant, horrible evil into my games. I just tend to deal with it more matter-of-fact. Here is total evil, something wrong on every level, now put your big boy pants on and do something about it. Or not.

I get a lot of my descriptions of banal horror from history and from fantasy - Glen Cook is right at the top of that for me.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Short posting break

I'll be taking a short break from posting due to a long and in-depth professional certification that I'm attending over this weekend. See everyone Monday.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

New GURPS book outline sent in

I put in my proposed outline for my latest GURPS book. It's drawing from my DF gaming experience, naturally, but also from my prior fantasy campaign. We'll see if gets accepted. I know SJG is okay with me as a writer, but I don't always offer to write things they need or can slot into a schedule.

Hopefully this would be something I could see in PDF in 2019 - 2018 is just unreasonable at this point, as it's October already. You can't fritter away 9 1/3 months of the year and expect to get a book in that year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Gamma World 1st edition on DriveThruRPG

Our Gamma Terra GM pointed out that DriveThruRPG is now carrying Gamma World 1st edition:

This is the version of Gamma World I grew up with. While we really liked Gamma World 2nd edition, for all of its expansions of play and the game world, the bleakness and unease that Gamma World 1st edition carried with it was muted in it. It sometimes feels like this edition's description of the fall of man feels more real as every day goes by.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

No more G+ and what that means for Dungeon Fantastic

According to the news reports I read, Google is getting rid of Google Plus.

How will that affect this blog?

I think it mostly won't.

I don't use Google Plus for comments. I tried that briefly and I hated it.

I do post some of the new posts over to Google Plus. I used do that with all of them, but once they changed how +1s worked, it wasn't as helpful for me as a way to keep "score" and see which posts people really liked.

I haven't really browsed around on G+ much, either. Maybe not at all in the past 6-10 months or more.

What think will affect this blog:

- some people seem to track my posts by G+. You can't do that anymore once G+ goes.

- I won't have any place except this blog to advertise this blog. In other words, I'm not cross-posting anywhere so you see it here, see my blog on someone's blog, or you probably don't see it.

I'm not currently considering doing anything differently - I'll just wait and see how it goes. I won't really miss G+, but let's see if the lack of G+ drops my readership or means it is too difficult for new people to find me. If so, I may take action - I'm not sure yet what I'll do.
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