Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Crypt of Krysuvik in PDF - It's beautiful!

The title of this post says it all. The Crypt of Krysuvik was dropped into my DriveThruRPG possession today . . . and it's beautiful.

I won't comment on the adventure or the writing, except to say that Doug did an excellent job editing and I really like Marshall's ideas and what he did with them.

But the layout, text, maps, and art . . . excellent. I'm very pleased that my book is so attractive. Not since DFM1 have I had such an attractive book, physically.

Thank you Doug!

You can see the cover here:

Crypt of Kryusvik cover

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Method I for Gary's Birthday

So it's Gary Gygax's birthday, as I was reminded by this Tumblr blog:

Suggested Options for Rolling Character Stats in AD&D

I love this quote:

"Character generation, then, is a serious matter, and it is recommended that the following systems be used."

"3d6 in order" is a legendary hallmark of early D&D, but I came up with Basic Set D&D (3d6 in order, with lowering one stat to raise another) and then right into AD&D. We generally used Method I.

So let's get on with the serious matter of rolling up a paper man for AD&D, using, oh, Method I:
6-4-1-1 = 11
5-5-4-3 = 14
6-6-5-5 = 17
5-5-3-2 = 13
6-1-1-1 = 8
5-5-3-2 = 13

I can put them in the order desired. So let's make this guy a halfling thief!

Str 10 (11 -1)
Int 13
Wis 8
Dex 18 (17 +1)
Con 14
Cha 13

Not bad. With max HP he's HP 6, and has AC 6 without any armor and AC 2 with leather. That's probably survivable.

I could have done a dwarf fighter with 18 Con, a cleric with 17 Wis, a magic-user with 17 Wis . . . I was tempted to make a Str 18 Half-Orc Fighter/Assassin, too, with Cha 6 or Int 6 (not bright, but wise and deadly?) So much fun.

Happy birthday Gary.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Big Noble Knight Games sale

Noble Knight Games is doing a "Buy 3, Get 1 Free Product" sale on certain items. Some of them are already at a pretty steep discount.

Here is the link to the sale and the list:

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

If I needed more stuff, I'd be all over this. Sadly, I'm more trying to downsize my collections just a bit. But I did want to pass this on.

Just browsing, geez, I wish I was into 15mm armor games . . . 5 Shermans for $7, 5 Tigers for $7 . . . you could lay out less than $100 and have a nice battlefield full of armor . . . hmm . . .

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Gaming session plans for the next 3 sessions

Our gaming plan is:

- next game, A2, in all likelihood.

- the following game, the Cold Fens.

- the game after, either A2 (if we didn't finish it - see below) or Cold Fens or Felltower.

I'm hoping we can do A2 in one go. I plan to push the pace rather strongly, and rather aggressively keep the pedal down on time spent. It shouldn't take multiple 8-hour game sessions to finish what's a 4-hour tournament adventure. I may just declare the game finished if the PCs don't finish the game. Otherwise it's likely people will spend, say, an hour on the very first puzzle or trick or trap they encounter, then another couple hours on the first fight, then another hour or so trying to figure out an alternate way around an encounter because there "has to" be another way than through the heavily guarded guard posts, etc. I get the caution, but it's useless in A2. So I am hoping it's a one-session game.

After that we should be back to alternating weeks of DF until such a time as our Gamma Terra GM can spend some time prepping so we can play that.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Physical Delvers to Grow soon?

I missed this update, probably because Doug posts a lot of updates and I can't be checking every day to see what's up:

Core Books: In the House!

I'm looking forward to having a physical book of the Delvers to Grow. I think it's a very good addition to DFRPG, and I'd like to have an actual physical reference to use.

I mostly use PDF for reference, but I find it easier to read physical books. I ordered a copy of this above and beyond my author's copy. I expect only one but if I end up with two I'm going to pass it on to someone in my gaming circle without one. If Doug had these 5 days ago, it's not going to be too long before they start arriving with the pledgers.

Friday, July 23, 2021

Links for Friday 7/23/21

A few quick links and thoughts today:

- I'm still probably ditching my Bones V set, but here are some pictures of things from the core and expansion sets.

- Matt has a hexagonal gaming table covered with hexagons.

- We're likely to be pushing A2 back a bit because of attendence issues from a hard-core AD&D fan in the group, and the fact that the group seems to have some unfinished business with the giants in the Cold Fens. And a plan! (Okay, a plan to go and set up and then make up a plan, but it's a step.)

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Is bad PC behavior a Reputation?

Yesterday, I wrote about bad PC behavior and why NPCs generally seem to know about it going in.

Should that be a point-costed Reputation in GURPS?
Briefly, Maybe, but I run it as No.

In general, I don't assign a point-costed Reputation for such behavior, unless it's explicitly personal behavior by a specific PC. General behavior by a whole class of adventurers gets covered by the usual steep reaction penalties that delvers in a dungeon-bashing game get - penalties for invading the living space of the encountered NPCs, penalties for cultural divides and language issues, penalties for perceived and actual prior behavior. Negotiation is still possible, but if you murder-hobo as a main approach, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. NPCs might take a risk on you, but only if they have to, or you make it so tempting to do so that they overcome their risk-aversion due to reward-greed.

In town, NPCs react off of the PC's disadvantages. They're sufficiently two-dimensional that I don't worry overly about giving them specific problems with PCs. The PCs can create those issues themselves, but if they don't, they don't exist beyond that which they gained points for.

So while being a standard PC and acting like a standard PC - killing for loot, taking no prisoners, and sparing no pity - gives a blanket problem, you don't get points for it. It's just a campaign switch if everyone does that all of the time.

If you take a nicer approach, though, you can negate that. It takes a bit of effort - and it's worth buying positive reaction traits to overcome the automatic assumption you're a murder hobo like the rest. But consistent behavior the other direction can change that campaign switch of expect all delvers to be untrustworthy murder-hobos. You just have to put the work in to prove it. If you do, though, it's possible to reap the rewards of being nice. However, a little trust-breaking can undo a lot of trust-building, so the work needs to be consistent, as well.

In all of these cases, it's possible to grant a blanket Reputation to all delvers . . . but it'll be earned through play, and serves only to reduce the effective value of a PC. Since my game uses a flat cap on the maximum negative points on a PC, this really doesn't help very much. It just adds the complexity of putting down disadvantages on paper without getting any real game utility out it. So I save Reputation for individuals and what is known about their actions individually.
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