Sunday, February 18, 2018

Felltower & the SJG Stakeholders Report

On Friday I posted about the bad news for the DFRPG in the Stakeholder's Report.

How will that affect DF Felltower, which we switched over to the DFRPG as our basic core of GURPS rules?

How it won't

On one level, it won't affect our game at all.

We switched to the DFRPG because of how much it simplifies book buying, book reading, rules understanding, and rules look-ups for the GM and player. I can turn someone loose with Adventurers and the Race List and say, make up a guy. I can say, "Read Exploits and this one House Rules document you'll know how the rules play out." I can say, "Read Spells to see what magic is like."

It's really pretty simple.

And I can and will still do that.

I think the basic rules chassis is excellent and comes with some much-needed focus that helps my players operate with having to ask me legitimate questions about what's in play or not.

How it will

It's just a little demoralizing to say six months ago, "This great new thing is here, and we'll use it!" and have the company say, "That new thing was a failure. Kiss it goodbye." I won't lie about that.

I also see how the lack of print copies could mean less interest in official support. That means I'll get less DFRPG-based gear, monsters, rules articles, etc. out of Pyramid. I'll need to adapt DF books as they come and I like them. I do that now, but I was expecting more DFRPG material.

It will make it harder for new players to "just go buy the boxed set." They had better put these books out in POD quickly (and affordably) or I am in worse shape than before we switched.

And it probably means an official set of GDFs for GCA is not going to happen soon. We'll keep limping along with GCA 4 and me trying to patch the files manually when discrepancies come up.

So overall, I think this is a negative, and it'll have some effects on the logistics of adding new players to Felltower. Day to day, though, it should not affect us.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Norker Champion - Base Coat

As promised, I did get a base coat onto that Norker Champion.

So far, so-so. But he'll get better. And either way, he will get done.

Norker and Norker Champion - Painting Plans

Last time in Felltower, the PCs encounter a bunch of norker brutes - bigger, stronger, buffer norkers than they'd encountered in the past.

Along with those store-bought WOTC pre-painted norkers, they encountered a sword-and-axe carrying norker who didn't quick look wholly norker. Maybe he's a half-breed, maybe he's something else, who knows. One thing they do know - I put him in my box of minis for game unpainted and never did get around to painting him.


The challenge is to paint him to look the same, coloration-wise, as the guy on the right in these side-by-side pictures:

It shouldn't be hard, I just need to find the time as I launched a new job and a new side project at the same time. But that's no excuse, I need some paint on this guy in case the PCs come back next session to try and capitalize on the damage they've inflicted.

By the way, the champion is a Wargames Factory orc, modified with green stuff so his hands can grasp something together, holding a greatsword from some previously purchased Games Workshop Warhammer set.

I best start this weekend, so I will put some paint on the guy this afternoon.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Future of the DFRPG / SJG Report to the Stakeholders 2017 is out

Stakeholder Report is out and up:

Report to the Stakeholders for 2017

Well, this sucks:

"Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game - We have now sold the majority of what we printed. This should instantly slide the game into the "highlights" category . . . and it would be there if not for being so very late, costing more to produce than is healthy, and requiring so much of our upper management team's time and sleep. As it is, the game will likely be sold out at our primary warehouse before the end of the first quarter and will not be reprinted. The current market doesn't leave room for a game like this to succeed, and it's a great thing that we cut our planned print run by 30% or we would be stuck with copies for years to come.

I'm glad I got my second copy when I did.

And it sounds like I need to write for DF, not DFRPG, even though I run my game around the latter.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

After-market Modifiers for DFRPG

Here are the house rules we're using for after-market additions of weapon, armor, and shield modifiers in DFRPG.


Allowable After-market Modifiers - Climber's, Ornate, Silver Coating.


Allowable After-market Modifiers - Mirrored, Ornate.


Allowable After-market Modifiers - Fine, Orante, Spiked.


Cost for after-market modification is twice the cost of the modifier on the weapon. For example, silver-coating an $80 morningstar will cost $160 (+2 CF) as original manufacture, but $320 (+2 CF, x2) done to an existing weapon. Characters with crafting can attempt their own modifications - but critical failure will waste the money and potentially ruin the piece of equipment (depending on the type of gear and attempted modification.) Modifications done by professional NPCs in town will take 1d weeks but has no chance of failure or ruining the piece of equipment.


This is a frequent request in my game, so I made this ruling. Now it's become a written-out rule, as is the natural progression of such things.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A little on armor in my DFRPG game

We swapped the armor in my game- partly - from DF to DFRPG. Mostly so I could just say, "Go look in Adventurers."

I proposed some switches a while back:

Armor Options for Our DF-to-DFRPG Conversion

We settled on one option, which I quietly noted here:

More DF-to-DFRPG switches in my game

What we have now is a hodge-podge of both old and new.

Old Armor

The old stuff is grandfathered in, but it's not replaceable. Also, we no longer stack Fortify enchantments, due to the easy access to lighter, better armor. It's excessive to have both.

This lets the players:

- mix and match if they like what they have (or part of it);

- put off re-equipping until they can get what they want.

The lets me, the GM:

- leave NPCs as-is;

- leave monster stats from the original DF books and the DFRPG unchanged, even when they clash a little bit in gear;

- not worry about PC armor conversions.

New Armor

The new armor has been sliding in rather quickly. New PCs bought the new sets, which means they're mostly more heavily weighted and less armored than other starting PCs (or traded more points for cash.) It also means they're even more keen than usual to upgrade.

It also means:

- armor is simple - just look in Adventurers for gear;

- the rules are as written except that I still require a cost positive prefix for enchantment;

- it's easier to get higher DR.

How has it worked?

It's worked okay. There is some confusion, sometimes, but less and less each session. There are some changes, though;

- plate-armored guys have no weak points. Where they'd have lower DR hands and feet before, now they're encased in DR 12+ and ignore most area damage spells and fodder attacks.

- enemy armor is potentially worth a lot more. It's more expensive and lighter. I enforce the wear and tear house rules on gear, and I don't allow Repair to work without missing pieces. Pieces are always missing on damaged gear.

- DR is up overall. Weight was restricting DR, followed by cost. With weight going down on a per-DR basis for metal, metal armor is becoming more common for everyone.*

- low-damage attacks are becoming less and less relevant. Low-damage area attacks will probably need to start having non-injury effects accounted for - like being on fire for 10+ seconds not being good for your potion belt, your backpack, those spell stones you have ready on delver's webbing, etc. But that's a post for another day.


Overall, it's been a good change. It's easier, which is a plus. The mixed bag of grandfathered stuff doesn't bother me so much, and it seems like it'll start to go away over time. I'm sure one or two suits will hang around forever, passed from one PC to another, with new PCs who just happen to be the right size for Vryce's old plate armor or the wizard's weird mystical scale armor, but that's not too bad. I can live with that.

* This leads to another issue - the "everything is vital" syndrome. Some players start out with lightly-armored PCs, but then want to armor up specific locations. This usually starts with a good helmet. Then torso armor from the front . . . well, and I might get hit int he back. Add back. Then "well, my arms are also important." Add arms. "And legs, because if I get crippled I can't flee when I need to." Add legs. Everyone has boots. Then gloves, you need gloves. And face armor, because you don't want to get shot in the face.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Pictures from Session 98, Felltower 70

Yesterday I posted the summary of the session:

DF Game, Session 98, Felltower 70 - Gnolls & Norkers

Here are some pictures from the session.

Sadly, a lot of the ogres are counters, because I forgot to pack the minis. Next time. I use a lot of ogres.

Pictures after the cut.

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