Sunday, October 17, 2021

Cold Fens today - Showdown with Sakatha!

We're playing the Cold Fens today. It should be the final showdown with Sakatha. It's win or die, as I see it. My money is on "win" but "die" is a possibility if the PCs are unable to find a good approach to defeating the foe.

I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Free RPG Day Haul 2021

This was my first actual RPG day, as far as I can remember.

They had about twice this, but I only took what I'd actually want to sit and read and potentially use. So I passed up a Twilight Imperium RPG book, a Zombiecide scenario book, some Star Trek stuff, some furry Red Shield looking RPG, etc. But I did get the last of that DCC adventure, lucky me!

And honestly, if there wasn't two Goodman Games products on tap, I'd probably have skipped. I'm glad I didn't.

I checked the website and lo and behold, there was a game store in the same town as a relative of mine. Highlander Games. As I was in the area visiting, I stopped by the game store as well. In case that sounds suspicious, it wasn't - I had chores to do for my relative, and it was just luck that there is a game store nearby and I'd need to be nearby anyway to help out with heavy stuff.

So I went up and took a look. They have a lot of board games, Magic stuff, some minis - a lot of D&D stuff was sold out, including all the monsters, a pity that - and the Goodman Games 5e versions of the early edition stuff. If I didn't own TOEE I'd have been tempted to drop $100 on it, or a bit less on the Barrier Peaks update.

I didn't end up buying anything, but the store employee and I got into a discussion about Twilight Struggle, COIN games, and the upcoming Mr. President. Twilight Struggle was really tempting. Sooooo tempting. But it's hard to find an opponent/playing partner. Maybe, though, I'll go back and get it sometime.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Random Links 10/15/2021

Random links for Friday.

- Everything my players ever told me about playing Dark Sun made it sound extremely overpowered, a bit of a mish-mash (dystopian post-apocalypse, but with all of the usual D&D stuff there so you could run an elf cleric). But I'd accept random crud like that in a video game.

Reading this is making me interested in playing it if and when it goes on deep discount on GOG.

I'd never play it tabletop but as a video game? Sure, why not. I wouldn't want to run a game for ST 24 half-giant fighter/psionicist/druids but I'll play one on my screen.

- Speaking of Boot Hill, here is a Boot Hill character generator complete with combat resolution system!

Boot Hill Character Generator 1st edition

I don't recognize the guns . . . I'll have to see what edition I actually own. Probably a later one.

- LJN AD&D Action Figures

I had some of them, including Melf before he became Peralay, probably because "Melf" is not a great name for an Elf. Any more than Worf is for a Dwarf or Morc is for an Orc, Mindy's alien friend notwithstanding. I know Melf was an actual character name in Gary Gygax's AD&D game. Still not a great name.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Blackbirds RPG wrapping up

Normally I post about GURPS on Thursdays, but I'll make an exception to post up one last booster for my friend Ryan's Kickstarter:

Here is a direct link: Blackbirds RPG Kickstarter.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The Boot Hill story

A comment on yesterday's post reminded me of this story.

Back in 4th grade, we were playing Boot Hill at lunchtime in elementary school.

One of my friends (T.R.) was GMing.

Some of us, including my cousin R~, were making PCs. I think R~ and I wanted our PCs to be brothers, but that's not a certainty.

What I do remember is that we got into an argument with the GM about equipment. We'd been kitting out and he said we needed to buy a suit of ordinary clothes with our starting money.

We disagreed.

He was quite insistent.

So my cousin spent $150 on a horse and I spent $150 on guns and ammo . . . FDR6s and 15Rs, I think . . . and we said we'd ride into town naked and shooot down and take the clothes off the first person to say anything about us being naked except for guns and crossbelts of ammo.

Just goes to show that I'm as annoying as a player as I am as a GM.

Looking back on it, I think I still R~ and I were right. There aren't even clothes on the chargen equipment list for Boot Hill. It's all guns and horses, pretty much.

It would have been an eventful first session, had it ever happened. Of course, after that argument, the game wasn't going to happen. 4th grade isn't a great place for establishing long-lasting campaigns based on compromise and careful rules reading.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Equipment every delver has, but not on their sheets

One source of endless amusement to me as a GM is when the PCs go to do some "mundane" delver task, and explain how they'll do it.

"We tie up the goblins and gag them."

"We make a litter out of two sticks and a cloak."

"We burn them with oil."

"We make torches out of old rags and sticks."


My next question is the showstopper. "With what?" or "Who has those materials?"

In my experience as a GM, every players assumes their delver has, as part of some other thing on their character sheet, some or all of the following:

- string
- rope strong enough for the heaviest guy in the party to hang from, but capable of being used to bind hands
- a cloak, which can function as a rainslicker, bedroll, travois or stretcher canvas, useable for disguise, and an endless source of strips for gags and bandages
- a small knife, capable of any and all edged and pointed tool tasks
- some oil, usable for light or setting anything on fire

Nearby, are:
- sufficient burnables to set anything on fire and keep it that way
- especially straight, sturdy sticks ranging from 6' to 10' long, capable of being made into spears or cut into wooden swords
- water, sufficient to put out that fire they just made
- cover capable of hiding the entire party but not of concealing any enemies

Needless to say, none of this is generally true.

Anything else you've assumed you just have as a fantasy PC, or which your players just assume they have?

Monday, October 11, 2021

Games I'll Probably Never Play (Again): Junta

It's been a few years since I did one of these:

Games I'll Probably Never Play: War to the Death

About time I do another.

This one is Junta.

Why I'd Like To Play

I've played it before. It's a fun concept. With the right group, the backstabbing and politicking could be really fun, like in a game of Diplomacy. The setting is interesting, too, with a poorly-run country topped with leaders out only for their own good.

Why I Probably Won't Play

Besides the usual lack of time to play board games?

When we played it, it just didn't play well with the group. Few people were willing to be really cutthroat with each other, and basically just amassed money until the game ended with victory to the one who managed to get the most. There weren't enough tradoffs made . . . it was just a race to victory. We get the same with Munchkin, with a last-turn race with everyone at level 8-9. With Junta, if you just try to amass currency for victory and no one really pushes to use it to set themselves up for more . . . it equally doesn't take advantage of the setting.

Why I Hold On To It

Mostly because I'd like to play it at some point. It's also one of those games that if I have, I may get to play - but I'd never buy it again. I like to flip through it now and again. Still . . . if I sold it, lost it, or traded it, it would sadly stay gone.
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