Supporting this Blog

If you feel like you want to support this blog, the best ways to do it are by:

Moral Support

Moral support is the most critical. Really, I just started this and people already follow it and read it. I appreciate that. As an author, not just of blogs, you often feel like you are writing and then casting your work into a void. (What kind of void? The empty kind!)

* Read my blog.

* Post comments.

* Link to my blog.

* Tell other people about my blog, or +1 it on Google.

* Do the same for other blogs about GURPS or old-school fantasy roleplaying. You can only grow the hobby by supporting the hobby.

* Start your own blog about gaming, especially one about GURPS!

Authorial Support

Buy my products, and those of the game company I write for most often. You can find these on my author page, or by going to e23.

You can subscribe to the blog on Kindle!

If you already own any of my books, please give them a rating on e23 (for PDFs) or on (for a hardcover). Or just email me and let me know what you thought. I'm grateful for any feedback on my books from end-users.

My ability to get a contract for my next book depends on the sales of my last book. I won't lie to you, it's not a lucrative profession. But it's nice to get paid for writing about something I love . . . and book sales help me do it.

And squish your buddies who show up with pirated copies of PDFs to game. Boo! Hiss! If we gamers won't buy gaming books, who will?

Direct Monetary Support can be effected by clicking on any ads you see that seem interesting. Or buy books through my link.

Thanks for your support!
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