DF Henchmen

Here are some actual henchmen from my Felltower campaign.

They are mostly made up using GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 15: Henchmen.

A * next to the name indicates an NPC that is currently dead.

Volunteers (mixed point values)
Arn Ulfgard*
Basher the Thug
Gort of the Shining Force*
Larry the Crossbowman
Lucky Pete*
Pigsticker Paul*

Bargain Henchmen (62-point base)
Jon Blackbart*
Kasias the Guide
Koric and Orrie*
Lew McTorchy, Torchbearer
Marc Strawngmussel, Laborer
Zed Shieldbearer*, Guard

Henchmen (125-point base)
Barefoot George*
Deadeye Slim
Grace the Slick*
Lean Jean d'Archer*
Norman the Axe

Coming Soon:
I'm not sure!

Hireling Posts
Hireling Optional Rule: Obey Under Protest
What are hirelings good for?


  1. Do you have an on-blog record of the various deaths and bad fortunes that have happened to PCs and NPC hirelings/volunteers in Felltower?


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