Megadungeon Design

For all posts related to megadungeons, both theoretical and relating to my actual game play, try the megadungeon label on my posts.

What is a Megadungeon? - a post on defining a megadungeon. What do you need a definition for? It helps you focus on what's important to include, and what will trip you up if it's missing.

For my posts about megadungeon design and operation:

Mapping My Megadungeon (Comments have links to good resources)

Megadungeon "best" Practices
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII
Part IX
Part X: Room Descriptions
Part XI: Multi-Room Encounters
Part XII: Paper Size
Part XIII: From Around the Blogs
Part XIV
Part XV: Themes, Knowledge, and Links
Part XVI: the Usually Principle
XVII - Lethal Entrances

Megadungeon Lessons From The Pyramids

Also, here is one about megadungeon exploration:
Megadungeon Exploring: Three Do's and Don't's"

And another about player impact on the megadungeon city:
Player Impact on the Megadungeon City

Dungeon Trick Features

Dungeon Trick Features: Sloping Passages
Dungeon Trick Features: Spinners

Random musings
June Megadungeon musings
Reflections on Megadungeon Play - Immediate and Cumulative
Resource and Planning Tips for Delving
Megadungeon Reflections
Random Thoughts X has some links to "fast" and "slow" dungeon level articles.
Some Myths of Megadungeon Play
The Problem with Other People's Megadungeons
More thoughts on Megadungeons

Other People's Articles
Jaquaying the Dungeon (at The Alexandrian)
Megadungeon Links (at The Rusty Battleaxe)
how to make a megadungeon without really trying

Running a Megadungeon
Dungeon Vocabulary I
Dungeon Vocabulary II
How to Describe Caves & Caverns
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