Revised GURPS Magic for DF

Here are some spells I've revised from the originals in GURPS Magic for my personal GURPS Dungeon Fantasy campaign, Felltower.

These spells have been revised based on my personal experience, the opinions and suggestions of my players, and my own decisions about what magic should be like. They are also based on a megadungeon-centric Dungeon Fantasy game, and reflect a specific approach to adventure. Feel free to use them in different-style games, but be warned - they reflect a very personal view to how they should work.

General Rulings:
Ruling Priority Order

Explosive Spells

Changed Spells

Air Vortex

Animate Shadow

Body of Wind

Charm spells


Death Vision



Great Haste

Hold Fast & Wallwalker

Hush, Mage Stealth

Ice Slick & Grease


Magic Resistance

Mass Zombie

Paralyze Limb & Total Paralysis

Pestilence (prereqs only)



Resist Water


Shocking Touch, Burning Touch, Deathtouch

Sleep & Daze

Stone to Flesh

Thunderclap & Concussion


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