World of Felltower Gazetteer

Details about the world of Felltower. This does not include any gate destinations that aren't known parts of the world.



Nearest sizeable city to Felltower. A free city, known for its mercenary soldiers and large markets.


Capital city of a far-off land to the South and West of Felltower. Wizards have a very developed structure in Barcidia, which includes Wizard Court (and the concept of Wizard Jury Duty) and a code of conduct which doesn't seem to preclude anything as long as magic is used to do it.

Most notable residents are the Barca family. The Barca family is a family of generally evil-ish wizards. Known members are Hannibal (fire wizard, deceased), Hasdrubal (air wizard, not yet deceased), Hamilcar (unknown), and presumably Mago (unknown). None of them particularly like each other.

Caves of Chaos

Cave network near Falcon's Keep in a tangled wilderness. Home to orcs, gnolls, hobgoblins, and goblins. Once housed an evil temple to some kind of demon-worshippers.


City of crazy, feuding wizards. Ruled (?) by Prince Valashkalabash IV. Notable residents includes Black Jans of the Moving Tower, Yarga Bey the Witch, and Turjan the Bearded Sorcerer.

Cold Fens

Half swamp, half marsh known for trolls, shamblethorns, religion-crazed lizardfolk, and a long-dead (?) cult of Sakatha. Home of at least one dragon.


A pastoral feudal kingdom to the southwest known for its castles and knights (locally known as "fancy men.") Cornwood has beautiful beaches, which the residents enjoy not matter how freezing cold they get. Famous residents include King Titanius Anglesmith, who is said to be some kind of steel/iron/titanium/dolomite golem of some sort. There, they call metal golems robots. It's traditional for folks from Cornwood to armor up to resemble their metallic nobility.

Deserts of Morthand

Wind-swept deserts inhabited by snakemen. The snakemen of Morthand really hate orcs, even more than other people hate orcs.

Falcon's Keep

A small border fort near the Caves of Chaos and several other areas as yet uncivilized. Generally kept undermanned due to budgetary issues.


A multi-level megadungeon 5-6 hours' hike north up a nearby mountain. See also DF Game: First taste of the megadungeon and A bit of Felltower history.

Lost City of D'Abo

A ruined city in the jungles to the far south. See the Lost City tag and post.


Distant land noted for its spearmen, much like its neighbor and rival Meepos.


A small, rocky, distant land known for its fierce warriors, fish-themed art and armor designs, its dances, and its deliciously addictive pastries. The people of Meepos tend to remain perfect strangers to all they meet, and it's fairly risky to ask them to demonstrate their dances. Borders along Malkotia, its ancient rival.


Large city to the East, occasionally plagued by trolls. Known for its Molotovian Cocktails - an oil-filled grenade meant for fighting trolls.

Principality of Dungar

(No known details, mentioned once in a rumor)


Named for Sterick the Red, and has kept the name despite Sterick's subsequent rebellion and defeat. Right next to Felltower.


Town north of the Cold Fens near its Western, more swampy portion. Two weeks from everywhere. Has a church but cannot provide high-level clerical services.

Peoples & Races


A strange race of people . . . no one knows who they are, except that they're druids, or, what they are doing, except that they have some guardian connection with the garden beyond the Forest Gate.


Dwarves live underground or mixed in human cities. The old timers usually speak or can read/write Dwarven, but most just speak the common human language with Dwarvish words thrown in.


Elves live in the deep woods, mostly, although rumors of sea elves and underground elves persist. Regarded with a mix of fear and respect and awe by most non-elves (cancels out to +/- 0). Known for extensive use of magic and ruthless bow work. All respect nature very strongly. Hated by orcs, especially.


Small, colored, hairless man-like humanoids. Known to come in green, dark green, orange, deep yellow, and blue, with rumors of other colored goblins off on the fringes as well. Goblins claim they are related to elves. Elves don't deny this, but don't as a rule deny anything so much as just ignore such claims.

Honus (tribe)

The Honus tribe, lead by a leader called the Honus, lives in the far off wooded mountains. Known for raising giant frogs. Their current Honus, Honus Honusson, Honus of the Honus, is off adventuring.


Orcs live in the badlands, and underground. They speak Orcish although some will learn Common. Generally warlike, callous, bullies - orc culture puts its stock in strength and rule through strength. Hate elves. If you can get them to swear a proper oath, they'll keep it if they believe that you keep up your end.


Snakemen come in several types - fully snake-like but with arms, snake-like but with a human torso, or more rarely snakelike but with feet (more lizard man than snake man, but don't say that near them.) One variety was (is?) found in the Lost City of D'Abo.

Southern Pirates

A semi-organized coalition of pirates united by similar codes. Usually tattooed.

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