Friday, September 23, 2011

Approaching the Caves

My DF game officially kicks off on Sunday. We played a session using a playtest copy of an upcoming GURPS adventure (not yet released), but that was more of a trial run than anything else.

Right now we have five players.

Mike is running Vryce, a Knight (Weaponmaster Greatsword) with mail, plate, and a greatsword. He does like 3d+7 or +8 damage. Yowza. He's a straight-up copy of the playtest guy Mike ran.

Andy is running Volos, a Wizard (Magery 6 and assorted types of spells). He's changed heavily off the playtest guy Andy ran. Despite the similarity of names, probably not related to deNomolos.

Marco is running Inquisitor Marco (placeholder name), an undead-hunting Cleric (True Faith w/Turning, Will 15, and the Sunbolt spell) with mace and shield. I wrote him up as a better version of the guy from the playtest. The players found out the hard way a Cleric is not a substitute for a Knight, Barbarian, Swashbuckler, or Martial Artist template for front-line fighting. This one is better tuned for staying back and still contributing. He was bloody murder against Will 8 horde zombies, and I expect him to be again - Will 15 plus a holy symbol blessed by his high priest, worth a further +2!

Aaron is probably running a Dwarf Knight (Weaponmaster - one-handed axes and maces and Pickaxe Penchant 3) with a mace and shield. 2d+8 crushing damage IIRC. First run for this guy.

Sean is running Honus Honusson (IIRC also The Honus of his tribe, making him Honus Honusson the Honus), a Barbarian (Magic Resistance - Thaumatologic Only 5 and a Weapon-bonded Signature Gear Flail) with the Flail of Gales and shield. His morningstar does a puny 3d+5 or so damage. Heh. Same thing - first run.

All are 250+50+5.

These five guys - very melee combat oriented and heavy weapon centric - are going to test their mettle against the Caves of Chaos, on a mission to root out and destroy the shrine to evil Inquisitor Marco's superiors have detected there.

Why the Caves? Well, my first ever D&D game took place there, and I have fond memories of it. It's not a great dungeon, it's full of weird Gygaxisms, but who cares? It's a good start, and it makes a good warmup for the depths beneath the ruined hilltop castle nearby . . .

I do expect them to cut through most of the inhabitants like a hot knife through butter. 250+50+5 with solid gear isn't exactly equal to 1st to 3rd level D&D characters. But critical hits, FP expenditure, expendables expenditure, and the occasional disastrous tactical choice will take their toll. They'll need to be smart and clever and a little lucky to clear their objectives in one session. It might take a few trips.

I did swap out some monsters for GURPS versions, and for ones I prefer. So a few critters from my own book and my own head will make an appearance, but I'll forebear mentioning them in case one of my players reads this. :)

I've got the beer, the adventure, the minis, and the maps ready. So on Sunday it's light up the torches and go plundering!


  1. How did you price Magic Resistance (Thaumatologic Only)? Since most beneficial magic comes from clerics I would suppose this is an Enhancement and not a Limitation.
    I'm inclined to say it is a 0% Enhancement and toss in some evil clerics with very nasty magic to make a point ;)

    1. I gave it a 50% limitation. Someone with this is very, very hard to buff up with spells, and is just as vulnerable to cleric/druid spells as someone without it. It would be an enhancement if it was switchable vs. cleric spells, say, but right now, it's just one-spectrum resistance.


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