Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goreyian Lovecraft

Thank to my friend and former paladin Tom for finding this:

What if Edward Gorey Illustrated Lovecraft?

The link is to a post on The Lovecraftian, a blog about H. P. Lovecraft over on Wordpress. The post selects the most Lovecraftian pictures by artist Don Kenn. His stuff really does look like Edward Gorey's, but with even more monstrous themes (if that's possible.

Pretty cool, and I fully intend to stat one or two of those guys now. Like maybe these . . .


  1. When you say "Goreyian", my brain compresses that to "Gorean". And I don't really want to think about "Gorean Lovecraft".

    "I looked into the eyes of Nyarlathotep. They were the eyes of a Gorean male."

    1. Heh, I didn't think "of Gor" at all. I think my only connection with those books is seeing an MST3K spoof of a movie version of them so I didn't connect it.

      But I could have said:

      Goreyly Illustrated
      or maybe something else, yeah.

      Cthulhu of Gor sounds pretty great, though. We just need more pulpy goodness.

      Cthulhu of Mars
      Cthulhu of the Apes
      Swords & Cthulhu
      Cthulhu the Cimmerian
      Nine Cthulhus in Amber


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