Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Gladiators beat Ninjas, news at 11

Well, my co-authored book on gladiators beat my solo-authored book on ninjas to 500 copies.

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Ninja
came out August 2010 and has racked up 465 sales to date.

GURPS Martial Arts: Gladiators
came out earlier (June 2009) and it's gotten to 501 sales to date.

So yeah, over a year's difference and only 36 more copies sold, but still. I'd have expected the ninjas to sneak up on the gladiators and overtake them. But Gladiators has sold steadily the whole time. Either way it's nice to have another book over the 500 mark. I just expected a different one to be next.


  1. Lies. All lies. Ninjas are secretly inside the Gladiators already.

    1. [echo effect]It can't be ninjas - the ninjas are all dead! [/echo effect]


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