Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cool AD&D treasure trove generator

Seriously, this is awesome, and I'm sorry I didn't have it back when I played AD&D.

1s Edition AD&D Treasure Trove Generator

It's kind of fun to play with just on its own, much like the Meatshield generator.


  1. That's really neat. I forgot how detailed the old DnD treasure options were.

    1. It has a really non-systematic charm to it - you can tell it was built piecemeal for special cases all the way through. X is for pirates, for example, because it has its own chance of a map. H is a horde for dragons. Etc.

      I also liked the Rolemaster system of wealth determining number of rolls, and then rolling on the same table, but it's not as fun as AD&D was. The one thing I dislike about Labyrinth Lord is the Horde Classes, because of how much I liked (and knew) the AD&D system.

    2. Speaking of Treasure Type H, I just rolled this up before:

      "Treasure Type H

      60000 gp, 2000 pp, Jewelry (24): 400 gp, 500 gp, 700 gp, 3 x 800 gp, 900 gp, 2 x 1000 gp, 2 x 1200 gp, 1300 gp, 1600 gp, 1700 gp, 1800 gp, 2000 gp, 3000 gp, 2 x 5000 gp, 6000 gp, 2 x 8000 gp, 9000 gp, 13000 gp. Total Value: 74700 gp., Sword +1, +3 vs. regenerating creatures [Unusual Abilities: Int: 15, Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Communication: speech, Languages: 1 (Ettin), Powers/Abilities: detect gems, kind, and number in a 1/2" radius, detect magic in a 1" radius, detect precious metals, kind and amount in a 2" radius], Scroll of Protection - Weapons, Non-magic Blunt, Elixir of Life, Splint Mail +1, Potion of Copper Dragon Control, Scroll of Protection - Magic"

      Heh - Splint Mail. I still wonder what exactly Splint Mail is. And magic sword that speaks Ettin and detects treasure. :)

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  2. My GM in the Pathfinder Pirates game we're playing in gave the Monster-of-the-Session (a naga) treasure specifically because he wanted to try out the treasure generator.

    My character thanks you!


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