Saturday, May 25, 2013

Starting a Small Campaign, the Gothridge Manor way

I'm a little busy today with work, then training, and then more work. After both are done, I have to finish doing prep for my game session tomorrow.

Are you running a game?

If not, this great post by Tim Shorts explains how little you really need to do in order to be running a game. It doesn't have to be complete, or perfect. It just has to be sufficient to cover a few sessions. His post outlines what that really boils down to, at least in a fantasy world.

6 Steps to Starting a Small Campaign

Sure, it says "small campaign" but it's a seed for a bigger one, once the players get some buy in to the setting through their adventures there. A throwaway game I did to satisfy my old buddy's urge to get back into gaming turned in a 10-year campaign this way, with even less prep than Tim is suggesting. You could do the prep for a game like than in an afternoon, and have it run indefinitely.

While I'm off writing up monster stats and stocking rooms, please take the time to check that article out.


  1. I always liked Jeff Rients's Twenty Questions as a good starting point for creation:

  2. Hey Peter, thanks for the shout out. I also like Jeff's 20 questions. So many good ways to just get the ball rolling.


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