Monday, April 1, 2024

New Felltower Magic Items

Here are a couple of new magic items for Felltower!

Al-Jaffee's Book of Quips and Comebacks

This convenient pocket-sized book is made with a soft cover, and weighs only 0.5 lbs. Using it requires holding it open with one hand (a Ready maneuver.) Using the Book allows for multiple uses of Rapier Wit on the same foe as long as the user succeeds. If the victim successfully resists, they are no longer vulnerable to Rapier Wit for 24 hours.

Attempts to use Rapier Wit against the holder of this book are risky, too. When held ready, if an opponent tries Rapier Wit on the holder, roll a quick contest of Will - and the loser suffers stunning normally.

Price: $1000

Dwarven Hammer, Loyal Thrower
Power Item: 4 FP

The Dwarven Hammer, Loyal Thrower can be thrown with these stats: Acc 1, ST x 2 / x3, sw+3/crushing. One second after impact, it summons the bearer to wherever the hammer hits, pulling the thrower along at Move 12 as if under Flight spell. The bearer travels by the most direct route possible for the hammer to pass; be careful throwing it through narrow gaps! If the thrower's path intersects a barrier, foe, or ally, treat like a slam at the thrower's ST and Move 12 (so, +5 per die.) The bearer will keep being pulled to the hammer until they meet. When the bearer arrives at the hammer, the thrower immediately falls down and takes damage as if from a fall from the height the hammer hit or 2 yards, whichever is higher.

This can be used to travel. Simply throw it to whereever you'd like to go and brace yourself for impact! The pull of the hammer is equal to the ST of the thrower, if that becomes relevant.

In melee the hammer is sw+3/crushing, Parry 0, Reach 1.

Price: $25000, 5 lbs.


  1. Love Al-Jaffee's book! I'd allow a Hidden Lore roll which, if successful, shows the back cover can be folded in, exposing a hidden message tailored to the adventure.

    1. I considered a fold-in reference, but I figured the actual Al Jaffee books didn't have them and wanted to keep it focused just on those.
      I'm glad you liked it!


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