Saturday, October 15, 2016

Dungeon Vocabulary, Part II

Here is more Dungeon Vocabulary. Hopefully these will help my players understand what I'm talking about when I try to describe rooms and hallways and so on. Also, I might learn from commenters better ways to describe these . . . or help new GMs figure out how to describe tunnels.

This is how I describe relative locations. This room, for example:

 photo Dungeon Vocab - Room Perspective 001s_zpsvcbrjlv1.jpg

I'd say, "A square room roughly 10 yards across with a door on the left wall in the far left hand corner, a door in the right hand corner of the opposite wall, and a small alcove in the middle of the right wall."

Or something quite like that.

These kinds of areas are tough:

 photo Dungeon Vocab - Hallway 001s_zps8tkr3ve9.jpg

I'd say, "The hallway Ts out in front of you. On the opposite wall to the left of the entrance to the T is a door, and the hallway continues to the left. To your upper right, a hallway continues straight. On the right, the hallway continues."

Or, "The hallway ends in a hallway running left-right. On the opposite wall to the left of the hallway you're in is a door. On the opposite wall to the right of the hallway you're in is a hallway going straight."

These days, I try to draw less of those.

If you've got a better, clearer way to describe these, let me know.


  1. Use hands of the clock description for the room?

    On the left wall at 10 o clock is a door.

    Ok you're at 6 o clock in a doorway to a square room. Against the walls at 1 o clock 4 o clock and 11 o'clock around the room are statutes

    1. That's good - clock directions from the party's entry point are easy to understand.

    2. I can try that and see how it works.

  2. "Offset intersection" basically gives what you drew as the first result in Google Images, so I'm guessing you could reasonably go with that.
    If both corridors are offset, that's obviously a windmill intersection.

    1. "Offset intersection... windmill intersection"

      Those made me LOL a little; I mapped many sessions worth of adventures, and those descriptions would have thrown me way off in the beginning.

      If you are familiar with such terminology though, both GM and mapper, things can go much more smoothly.

    2. That is a big part of why I am doing these posts - I want to make it visually clear what I mean when I say what I say.

  3. Gotta have gratuitous use of the word "Dank".


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