Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Russian Knightly Combat, er, MMA

Thanks to Vic "Bjorn" LaPira for forwarding this:

I mean, what the heck Russia? Seriously? M-1 is cementing its reputation in my head as "Like PRIDE used to be, except crazy."

Thanks to Vic for forwarding this story at ESPN, which is as close to mixing the hobbies I do (MMA, play RPGs) with the sports I watch (ice hockey, plus kickboxing and tennis when I can.)

These are blunt, and fairly flimsy, swords. But in case you wondering how being weighted down with armor would affect takedowns, etc. - not terribly. I love the bizarre mix of muay thai influenced kicks and spinning strikes, takedowns, and Filipino martial arts-looking sword strikes (especially what I learned as "the caveman" - the off-the-shoulder strike with the rear hand weapon.) It's no recreationist sport . . . but, yeah. Just watch it.


  1. Wow that interesting. Although looking at those two fight feel off in a way. Not hollywood off tho. It appears stuff is missing from what I saw and heard from live steel renactors even with the safety restrictions in place. I think it is the lack of holds and grabbing. And what up with all the kicks and why the other guy get in a serious whack to the leg.

    It will be interesting to see what happens when a seriously athletic live steel renactor gets involved in one of these fights.

    1. I'm assuming it's a mix of rules and safety restrictions.

  2. I was completely in the dark as to who won the fight. I was actually somewhat surprised by the results. I guess it stems from not watching a lot (read: zero) of these fights.

  3. Battle of Nations, I presume?


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