Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Gaming Roundup

It's been a good year, gaming-wise:

- My books sold at least as much as the previous year, in total sales (in copies and in dollars). I only out one new book, Dungeon Fantasy Monsters 1, which has sold almost 500 copies and was acclaimed by rave review. Heh.

- I co-wrote another GURPS Dungeon Fantasy book (with Sean Punch, my ever reliable co-author), which should come out sometime in 2012.

- We re-started a regular game, which we hadn't had since the year before. It's DF on the Borderlands and it's awesome. We can thank our playtest of the first DF adventure (due out soon) for this; we gave it a roll with the idea that if it was fun we'd do a real game. It was great and we've been rolling ever since.

- I started mapping my very first megadungeon, something I never tried in my first days as a D&D DM in 4th grade, and which I only nibbled at the edges of in my later gaming years. I don't know how it will work in play, or if my players will like it, but it's worth the effort just to find out.

- I restarted painting minis, albeit slowly and in fits and starts. I discovered how much I like the Reaper plastic minis, too, perhaps a bit too late to encourage them to release a larger assortment. However until recently I didn't have an excuse to own any, but now with DF on the Borderlands . . .

- I started this blog, and thanks to that discovered a big depth of OSR goodness to delve into. I reviewed some of my finds (see the tab above), and read even more than I blogged about.

Non-gaming wise, my life has taken some really big jumps forward this past year. But that's not a dungeon fantasy concern, so suffice it to say 2011 was better than 2010, and I'm happy where it's all heading.

I'm looking forward to more of this good stuff in 2012.


  1. Huzzah! I've kicked off a campaign!

  2. Dungeon Fantasy Monsters is something GURPS has needed for a long time. I didn't realize you helped co-write it. And can you hint at what the Dungeon Fantasy you worked on? I think I have pretty much all of them.

  3. @Iron Llama - blog it! Any year with a running game is a good year.

    @Tim Shorts - I'm terrible at dropping hints. I'll make it clear which one it is as soon as I'm allowed to say. Meanwhile keep an eye on Sean Punch's livejournal, as he mentioned the project here:
    and here:

    I'm glad you enjoyed DF Monsters 1. Yeah, that's half mine. A mix of monsters from Sean's games and mine, and some new ones altogether. Hopefully I get contracted to write more, I love monsters!


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