Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gaming with Mike Mornard series

Over on Blog of Holding, a blog which is usually dedicated to D&D 4e, there is a series of posting about playing Original D&D with Mike Mornard, veteran of Gary Gygax's Greyhawk campaign.

You can easily navigate between the parts, but for additional ease here they are in order:

Gaming with Mike Mornard series

I highly recommend this series. It's a fascinated glance at old-school gaming in the literal sense of the word, run by a veteran of Gygax's games, using the original rules from back in the day. It's also a good glance at how those things look to someone who primarily plays a new-school game.

I especially like the one about gaining hirelings most recent blog, talking about player skill. That bit about hirelings hearing the "let's let them die but resurrect the PCs!" discussions and the repercussions, well, that's how I like to run my games, too.

Good stuff. Please read it.

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