Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Library AD&D

My local library system has most of the original AD&D books. Look:

That's the assortment - DMG, PHB, D&D (top L-R), MM, FF, and MM2 (bottom R-L). They have two each of most of these.

That Dieties and Demigods book is the good one - Melnibonean Mythos and Cthulhu Mythos, too. I better warn them to make sure it doesn't walk off.

So support your local library - don't have the AD&D books? Use theirs. Taking them out will ensure their circulation numbers are up, so they'll keep them on the shelves, too. You can check out the books they have - I know the old library system I was in has the LBBs on its shelves. What about yours? Don't overlook your local library as a place to find gaming books.


  1. I have all of these and I started playing in 2nd edition, these books had such high print runs that many of them can be picked up pretty cheap on ebay. nice to have the library resource though

    1. I have all of them, including the original D&D with Cthulhu. I pretty much took them out of the library to prove a point - that they are out there in circulation, and libraries have some interesting gaming books on their shelves.

  2. A DDG with the two chapters in it? In a library system? I'm envious of your local community's honesty. Here, it wouldn't have lasted a year.

    But, yeah, that one belongs in their rare books collection (though it's perhaps not as bad as it used to be: I found a copy last year for less than $40 to replace the one that I had had from childhood that was stolen from me; adjusting for inflation, that's only slightly higher than the original catalog price).

    1. Back in the day gaming books were listed in the catalog, but often had been swiped from the shelves by, uhm, enterprising cost-cutters.

      Nowadays it seems less likely to happen, especially with older game books. Is a library stamped-and-used Dieties & Demigods really that valuable? Hard to say, I wouldn't buy it though.

      I do have all of these - and gave away all my dupes last year when I moved. But it's nice to see them out on the shelves.


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