Sunday, September 16, 2012

DF Game, Session 14 - Felltower (Part I)

We did another split session today. Since last time we left off in the dungeon, first priority was to get back out of the dungeon so the players who showed up could go back in with their own guys. By prior agreement, the "current" group would finish looking for the troll's lair, and then leave the dungeon.

I'll write up the rest of the session tomorrow, but this was the early bit.

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

Characters: (approximate net point total)
Vryce, human knight (299 points)
Nakar, human wizard (about 285 points)
Inquisitor Marco, human cleric (about 280 points)
Fuma, human thief (254 points)
Borriz, dwarven knight (280 points)

Reserve (players couldn't make it)
Honus Honusson, human barbarian (283 points)
Galen Longtread, human scout (250 points)
Red Raggi, human berserker (?? points, NPC)

(The players of Fuma, Nakar, and Galen showed up for this session, but ran Borriz, Nakar, and Vryce & Inquisitor Marco, respectively)

The group had just finished off the trolls and their poison slorn pets when we left off. They finished burning the trolls to ash with Create Fire, and then headed off down the corridor the trolls first came down.

They came to a branching corridor, and checked to the right - they found the way the trolls had flanked them, Once they worked that out, they turned back and followed some scrapings on the floor to an intersection. The most scrapings were right, the least forward, the second most left. So they checked right.

There they found a flask-shaped room (narrow at the mouth, wide at the end). It was full of trash, dung, and chewed up bones and leather and scales and cloth. There were also green splatters of what looked like venom. It was clearly the lair of the seven slorn. A quick search turned up a medium iron shield painted with the (current) arms of Stericksburg - an axe and hammer over a tower, with gold stripes and edging. It was battered but usable, so they took it.

There were no other exits, so they headed back up the "second most scratched" hallway. It was long, and they found a half-open door. They checked past and saw another door a half-dozen yards away. So they closed and Magelocked it while they scouted up the hallway a bit. Nothing but more corridor, so they headed back. They opened the door, and then opened the one after it (after closing the hallway door behind them).

They found the troll's lair, and bed piles for three trolls. They'd killed three, so they felt sure no others would show. Just to be safe, Vryce watched the door while the others searched. They turned the various piles of bedding, trash, and bones and filth over. They found some gold, over 1500 silver, some copper, a scroll with a couple spells, a meteoric small falchion, a couple pieces of silver jewelry, and a Dwarven whetstone.

After searching for a bit, they heard some distant groaning/roaring noises, so they decided to leave quickly. They left the troll's room and moved out. A hasty but careful rush back to the entrance, uprooting of their bridge, and they were on the surface and safe. They headed back to town.

This is where we ended the closeout of the last trip. Tomorrow I'll try to post the second expedition we got to today. This trip was a good one - it was profitable and left them with some useful or saleable special items. The scroll isn't very exciting, but the magic-immune falchion might be.


  1. Now, see, I would have said that the most exciting item in that haul was the shield. Well, exciting to the GM, anyway - who knows how the current inhabitants of Stericksburg will react if a PC shows up with it? Especially if, as I suspect, the edging means the former owner was a person of some prestige.

    Anyway, I always enjoy seeing your "War Stories" - thanks for sharing!

    1. They loaned that shield to their hireling last session.

      It seems to be the common colors used by any and all militiamen of the city, but they didn't investigate yet. I don't blame them, they wanted to get back and explore more, not noodle around finding out who owned the shield. But maybe they will now that they have some longer downtime.

      I'm glad you like the summaries.

  2. How badass is Meteoric [Whatever] in your game? "Immune to magic" covers a lot of ground. It can certainly go right through magical defenses, but does that mean it negates things like Fortify or Defending (whatever it is that gives +1 DB to items)? We're about to undertake a fairly significant shopping expedition in the DF game I'm playing in, and I'll likely have about $5,000 to spend. Wondering if some sort of Meteoric weapon might be a must-have.

    1. It's only so-so badass. I use it straight-up out of the book, so it's immune to magic. No blocking spells against it, no enhancement spells on it, only indirect magic affects it (you can Great Haste the swordsman, but not Flaming Weapon the sword). But relatively few foes are magically protected.

      I don't let it negate Fortify or Deflect, though. My ruling on Fortify and Lighten is that they are permanent magical enhancements, much like healing on a cut - they don't go away in No Mana Zones or anything. That just saves me from "Uh-oh, No Mana Zone, everyone re-calculate your encumbrance and DR!"

      Also, I don't use Deflect at all on non-shield items. So you don't get bonus DB from armor. Again, it just makes my life easier because there are less special cases and "if it hits my arm, my parry is 14. If it hits my hand, it's 15. My body is only 13." Ugh. I always hated that, so I just junked it for this game.

      So it's not as useful as a strict reading of the rules would make it, but ability to ignore blocking spells and not conducting magic does make it a useful tool.


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