Thursday, September 27, 2012

How the Kickstarters Have Gone

To jump on the Kickstarter hand-wringing bandwagon, here are the Kickstarters I've backed and how they've gone.

I've pledged at least a token amount for all of Jeff Dee's various Kickstarters to re-create his TSR art. While not everything has been exactly on time, I always get my pledge reward pretty soon after it ends, and it's exactly as described. The postcards are cool, too.

Order of the Stick: I got my book, my Roy magnet, and my coloring books. For less than I'd have paid to just get my book used on the secondary market. I'm good with The Giant.

Diesel was on time and on target.

Reaper is on schedule so far, although their pledge manager hasn't been so far, they haven't suggested a delay for delivery. But I can look at my minis and see the quality of Reaper products, and I know their customer service is top-notch and extremely customer friendly. I trust them to get me my giant box of minis very close to, if not exactly during, the promised month.

SJG will be late with Ogre, but it's much bigger and more awesome-seeming than the game I pledged for. I know and trust SJG - if anyone would bend over backward to fulfill his promises, it's SJ.

Dwimmermount is running a bit behind. I think James M. just set a bit too aggressive of a deadline - a "if everything goes well" instead of "I can make this date even if disaster strikes." My opinion, only - I don't know his situation well enough. I'm confident I'll get it eventually, though, and I'm willing to wait. I don't feel disappointed, I was happy to back his work to make sure it got published since it was inspirational in getting me to make my own megadungeon. I can honestly say I didn't really pay much attention to the "when" and more to the "what I'd get eventually" part.

So that's the roundup. Would I pledge again? Sure, if I feel like the cost is reasonable for what I get out of it, and if I think what's being promised can be delivered. The person making the promises matters. And I'll say that getting mail from Jeff Dee every month or two is pretty damn cool, because I used to sit and stare at his pictures when I was running game back in 4th grade, and that picture of Lloth in Q1 scared the hell out of everyone.

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