Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A good party wipe every so often

One of the people I know who used to game apropos nothing asked me about my fantasy game yesterday. I told him what happened last session.

He said something to the effect of "You need a good total party wipe every so often. It gets boring playing the same characters all the time."

Could be.

So I should either be surprised it took 18 sessions, or surprised that it only took 18 sessions, to do something ridiculously risky. I'm not really sure which.

Maybe I should recruit him into the group.


  1. Not certain that TPK is a good thing, but players should have a sense of their characters mortality. If the score is the Party 100, Monsters 0, then it's not challenging enough for the the players or the DM.

    1. Oh, I agree completely. To run with your analogy, the score in my game was lopsided in the favor of the PCs, but not completely. Two PCs died so far, it's just that between 0 and all of them will die next session.

      I just thought it was really funny this guy's reaction wasn't negative at all, just like, well, that happens and it's supposed to.

  2. If you do have a TPK then maybe you could set up an Asian dungeon? I am pretty interested in the upcoming Arrows of Indra book but I don't have any experence with dungeon fantasy in Asia. Also, I have had little time for roleplay because I have been so busy with work so it is interesting to read the summary of your adventures.

    1. It'll be the same dungeon. Even if there are 100% casualties next session, Honus will survive and we'll just pick up with new characters. I know Vryce's player is already making up a necromantic specialist wizard, and Nakar's player has a swashbuckler written up he's been meaning to try. So I'd expect to just keep rolling with Felltower.

      Unless everyone wants a quick break, in which case I'll bust out something totally non-DF for a short time.


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