Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Miniatures painting stuff Sandy taught me.

Just some random stuff that I learned from losing power in the Hurricane:

- White glue won't set in a cold, moist location. Not for days, at least, sometimes not at all.

- Five-minute epoxy will still be damp and sticky 2-3 days after you set it, and weak for a while. I had an mini I expoxied to a GW plastic base snap off like it was lightly superglued long after I'd glued it - maybe 4 days?

- Automotive primer, however, will dry very quickly. But you need to really, really shake the can and ensure it warms up a little in your hand before using it or it won't spray evenly.

- Army Painter Quickshade will also dry quickly, although it's harder to use - it was thick as mud at 50 degrees F. I only did one mini once I realized this, but it still came out tabletop-quality.

- Craft paints will dry pretty quickly compared to the above, but not as much as at 60+ degrees F. Give it at least an hour for unthinned paints.

Based on the above, I didn't try doing any sealing with matte coats, because I figured it might ruin a finished mini.

I didn't expect to lose heat when we lost power - a mistake on my part, because I thought the heat system wasn't electrically ignited. Oh well. So I set up a number of paint jobs and just couldn't do them. I studied and wrote for game instead, which was probably better, but I was hoping to get in some painting, but the cold, damp weather nixed that. Still, I know what not to try next time.

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