Thursday, November 9, 2017

Felltower Character Generation FAQs

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about character generation in my DF/DFRPG game, Felltower. Many are answered directly or indirectly in the books or elsewhere, but to keep things clear to everyone I decided to put this together.

What templates and races?

All of the ones listed here:

DF Game: Race and Template List

and any of the templates in DFRPG Adventurers.

Can I buy [advantage/spell/skill/attribute improvement] after play begins?

It depends:

Is it on your template, or listed in for your template in DF1, DF11, DFRPG Adventurers, or Pyramid 3/61? (or Spells, for magic)

Then yes. Pay $40/point for training costs. Lenses are available as well - buy them either piecemeal or all at once (any disadvantages must be taken at the end when the lens purchase is completed.)

is it not on your template or listed as a valid power-up in the sources above?

Then no, although non-template skills can be learned with a training cost of $80/point. Ask before you buy. Non-skill advantages may be available on a case-by-case basis - offers will come up in play, they cannot be sought out.

What armor and weapons and equipment can I buy?

Anything in DFRPG Adventurers is available for a starting PC. Once in play, special orders and magic items require in-town rolls.

How should I trade character points for money?

There is an advantage in GCA. Add one level per point, up to 5, using Quirk points. Each point is worth $500. DO NOT reduce your character point value - that is DFRPG standard but it messes up my record-keeping!

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