Saturday, November 4, 2017

Where did the Kickstarter money go? (How it should be done)

I just want to draw attention to this post by Douglas Cole:

Lost Hall Cost Estimates

Often when a Kickstarter ends, you just sit around wondering what happened until you get your stuff.

Or don't, and then Erik Tenkar will probably get after you.

What you don't often get, maybe really ever get, is a solid breakdown of what the costs are.

Doug is doing that with this post. It's not the first time. Doug does his homework, crunches his numbers, and has them handy. He's not guessing at funding levels or where a stretch goal should be funded. He's not asking for money to help him make a product, he's asking for funds to complete one.

And he's not afraid to show his math.

I wish more Kickstarter creators did this.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks, Peter! I wonder if I should show the work beforehand next time, too. Though early on, it's sometimes tough to figure out precisely what's going to happen.


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