Friday, July 12, 2019

Dungeon Fantasy Treasures 3 Sales so far

This is just a quick thank you to the - ta-dah - 94 people who purchased DFT3 during June.

Hopefully that's just the start of a longer tail of sales - DF12: Ninja sold 12 copies and DF15 a few more, so it's not like it's a one-and-done.

I'd have been happier cracking the 100 mark, of course, but every sale counts and I appreciate them all. I'll see what I can do about getting another book rolling soon. If DFT3 can sustain sales for a bit, I may have more Felltower-related material to put together. So much of what I have is cobbled-together notes that spring from immediate need and play, so the dungeon itself is more than a bit difficult to produce. But monsters, items, NPCs, perhaps dungeon sections, rules variations - I have plenty of those to offer up. Let's see how this one sells before I settle on doing any of that.


  1. A Felltower settings book, perhaps? :)

  2. I'd love a book of one-page encounters I can drop into any DF game. That'd be insanely useful.

  3. I'm happy to say I bought it upon release. It's shorter than I'd like good but what there is, I really enjoyed.


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