Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Trogdor the Game - Inside Look

I had some time today to open up Trogdor - "A cooperative game of Burnination, Majesty, and Consumate V's" and give the pieces a look and the rules a read.

First, the images:

The bits are all very nice.

The box is, like every game I've gotten recently, provided with a spacer because the components are too small for the box. I'm not sure why not just a thinner box. Shelf space is at a premium for me and this takes up a lot.

The playing pieces are well made, solid, heavy enough without being overly so, and attractive. Mostly - the guards are kind of bland, but whatever, they're bland in the video game, too. The extra "original" variations of Trogdor are nice - the original "Draw an S for . . . dragon" one, the snake-y Coach Z version, Strong Sad's chiaroscuro shaded version, and Strong Mad's one as well. The DAGRON one by Strong Mad is backed by the "Taster's Choice" version by Homsar, so you really get one more. Plus the "final" version of Trogdor.

The tiles and cards are also attractive and solid.

The rules are well explained (as far as I can see without a playthrough) and very well illustrated.

I plan to give this a go as soon as possible - solo if I can't find the time with my gaming group to play it. I'm reasonably satisfied with my purchase. It looks like a lot of fun.

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