Friday, February 14, 2020

What's the turnaround on DFRPG Companion 2?

I'm a bit curious when I can expect my PDF, and my book.

SJG postedt this Kickstarter update the other day:

Dungeon Fantasy Companion 2 Has Arrived & Last Day to Complete Surveys!

So, the physical books arrived 4 days back.

The PDF must be done.

The BackerKit Surveys are shut down.

So . . . when can I expect my book?

Who knows?

I'm not a griper . . . but it does seem to me that if you can show me a picture of my physical book, and I've filled out my BackerKit, I should at least have the PDF in-hand. Yet, so far, I do not. I hope this isn't a repeat of DFRPG Magic Items 2 in terms of how long it took me to get my copy . . .


  1. I think that something I read on this KS indicated that the PDF wouldn't ship ahead of the physical product. Maybe I'm wrong (I can't find it now for looking).

    1. If it says so, I didn't see it.

    2. I haven't asked. I'd accepted it as fait accompli by SJG, so I am resigned to waiting.

    3. I didn't bother to ask in the forums because generally the people who know don't tell you, and the ones who don't opine.


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