Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome to Dungeon Fantastic

Dungeon Fantastic is my new role-playing game (RPG) blog.

It is dedicated to RPGs in general, and fantasy RPGs in specific.

I've been playing fantasy roleplaying games on the tabletop since Basic Set D&D (the one with the Erol Otus cover) back in 1981. I was originally introduced to it by seeing my uncle's copy of the blue-box Holmes D&D set. He ran us through an adventure later, but my first gaming session was with sons of a family friend, who used a strange mix of AD&D rules and Basic D&D and forever messed up my understanding of "Spells Known."

I've been playing computer RPGs since 1984 with Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

I also ran games using AD&D, Basic Set and Expert Set D&D (aka B/X D&D), Rolemaster, GURPS 1st, 3rd, and 4th edition, too. I've long owned but never did run a game with white-box original D&D (aka OD&D). I've played other games but my go-to has always been fantasy games.

I'm also a writer, mostly for Steve Jackson Games (although in the past I did some articles for PBM house magazines when I was playing PBMs like Legends). No surprise, I've started to write a lot for the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy series, so expect more DF than OD&D.

This blog is dedicated to those games. It will include but not be limited to:

- to noodling on about fantasy gaming things I enjoy;

- reviews of current or past gaming products, especially fantasy-related ones;

- discussing my current fantasy games;

- talking about miniatures and scenery;

- blathering on about the Good Olde Days when I was 2nd level and fighting orcs.

So, welcome!

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