Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Art for the Chronicles of Siala

I just stumbled on some really cool art.

The home page of the author of the Chronicles of Siala books (Shadow Prowler and Shadow Chaser and the not-yet-released Shadow Blizzard) has a great gallery of pictures. Many of them relate to the series, but others are just by the same artists, Oleg Yudin and Vladimir Bondar.

I'm much more wowed by the Oleg Yudin pics. The color pictures remind me of Larry Elmore, but a lot less posed and static feeling. The b&w pictures bring to mind Russ Nicholson, although I can't exactly tell you why.

There are lot more of these in the link above:

I discussed the awesome dungeon foreshadowed in this series of books a while back - Hrad Spein.

Shadow Harold is pretty cool looking, although I imagined his crossbow a lot smaller.

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