Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Rolling the wrong dice

. . . every time I hear someone beat on a game system, say game X sucks or aspect of game Y sucks, or not rolling D23s for "to hit" is bad or rolling only Dwhatevers is magically special or good or any kind of nonsense, I think of this rant.

I don't want to lose that link, so I'm posting about it here.

Chad Underkoffler
(great guy, and amusingly a former "adversary player" via email in my previous GURPS fantasy game) coined the term "Hurting Wrong Fun." Basically, he was mocking the idea that there is some inherently wrong with people who play in ways you don't like or with games you don't like. If they're having fun and expressing their own creativity and enjoying the game, does it matter even an iota if you wouldn't like it?


From that rant, above:
"It's about having fun, because if you're not having fun you've discovered the only way possible to fuck this up."


Now back to killing owlbears with 3d6.

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