Monday, December 12, 2011

GURPS Hommlet over at Bat in the Attic

Robert Conley is posting up some of his 3rd edition GURPS T1 The Village of Hommlet meets the A1-4 Slave Lords series files.

Here are the NPCs.

Not that I play 3rd edition GURPS anymore, or use Hommlet, but I have to link to a GURPS conversion of an old module, don't I? Especially after I badgered him into it over on the SJG Forums. He'd probably have done it anyway, of course.

Looking back on it, I never ran the moathouse or used Hommlet in GURPS. Damn near everything else, though. Somewhere I still have my notes from my 3rd edition GURPS game using the Slave Lords. We never finished it, as everyone got beaten half to death (or all the way to death) in the dungeons of A1, and the survivors were sold into slavery. Led to an even better game, but yeah, the slavers did get to live and the game ended up in the far, far south of the game world. I'd post my notes but so much of it is a straight copyright problem it's not worth the time to sit and untangle.

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