Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jeff Dee's Melnibonean Myths kickstarter

Jeff Dee has launched another Kickstarter project for his lost TSR artwork. This time, it's the big one:

Re-Creating my Melnibonean Art from Dieties & Demigods!

If you've never seen the original AD&D Dieties & Demigods, some of this artwork might be new to you. It's all really awesome. Jeff Dee did the entire chapter, with the one exception of Theleb K'Aarna, who got the Erol Otus "evil wizard with a horned helmet" treatment (which is equally great). Otherwise, it's all Jeff Dee - vulture lions, vampire trees, Elric and Moonglum, Donblas the Justice Maker (my personal favorite illustration), Arioch - the list is pretty extensive and the art is all uniformly evocative and excellent.

This is the one many of us have been waiting for, so jump in, even if only to see the video and check out the old vs. new artwork as it comes out.


  1. I've modified the backing levels on my Melnibone project on Kickstarter. A signed print of Elric himself is now available for a $20 pledge. Huzzah! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jeffdee/re-creating-my-melnibonean-art-from-deities-and-de

    1. Holy crap, Jeff Dee commented on my blog and I didn't notice for weeks!

      Thanks for posting, Jeff, and I saw the changed pledge levels. I can't wait to see these all re-done, and see your work collected in a big-ass book, too.


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