Saturday, March 3, 2012

Old Stuff

I read about this over on the excellent Hill Cantons blog - Old Stuff Day.

I think I may have almost missed it, but there you go. Old stuff.

Here are four posts I think that got missed, mostly because few if any people actually read my early blog posts. And who could blame them for missing them? It was early yet.

Building a Better PC - some tips for how to play, not GM, a role-playing game in a way that helps the GM out. Not entirely overlooked, but so early that I don't know how many people really saw it.

"It's Okay, Gary Sent Us." - Thoughts on encouraging negotiation in early RPGs - and the pre-"we must kill evil critters" ideal of treasure-first.

Problems but not Solutions - My discussion of my very long time philosophy of providing problems and then just letting the PCs get on with solving them. I think the first time I told my players I literally had no idea how some problems could be solved, in fact didn't know if they could be solved, was precious. But it did kind of free them - they don't try to find the solution but a solution, and my games are better for it.

Finally, Rule of Awesome - simply put, this is my default rule for deciding what to do in new circumstances. Solution is awesome? Do it. Solution is not awesome? Try another solution.

If you've seen these already, thank you! If not, I hope this back-pointer to my nostalgic early days (heh) helps you find something that helps you in your gaming.


  1. I am a huge supporter of the 'Rule of Awesome'!

    I don't have quite enough posts to do an Old Stuff Day, but this post was great!

  2. I'm glad you like that rule. And yeah, I really didn't have that much of a pool to choose from. But my early posts were largely missed because I was just starting to write and didn't have (any) audience yet.


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