Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Give a man a brush . . .

One of my players paints minis much better than I do. He doesn't think so, but he's wrong and we all know it.

I've given him a bunch of my minis - one I'd love to paint but either like so much I'm afraid to see how badly I mangle them or ones I sort-of like but just couldn't seem to "see" the colors they needed to really pop. He painted a couple so far, and they look just awesome. His Space Hulk minis look just like the box picture, too.

So on Sunday I gave him a W&N Series 7 Brush, Size 0. Normal, not "Miniature" - the brushes are too short on the "Miniature" in my opinion.

Apparently he's been burning through cheap-o synthetic brushes and just replacing them with more cheap-o synthetic brushes. I did that in the past until I got my own W&N, so I figured I'd pass on my thanks in the form of a nice brush. My original 8-10 year old W&N Series 7 is still going pretty strong but it's starting to show its age. I use craft paints, undiluted and unmixed, and even with those paints the brush makes a huge difference in my precision and brush control.

A month or two ago Jerry's had them on sale when I went to get a new 0 and a 00 of my own, so it's not a big gift but still, it's the best thanks I can give him for painting up minis for us to use during game.

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