Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review: Feldherr Hard Case XL Miniatures case

I recently received two Feldherr Hard Case XL miniatures cases. I'd gotten some gift money I didn't know what to do with, and I'd been looking for something to augment or replace my three Warhammer Army Cases and the assorted other singles/home made cases I'd collected. It also needed to be big enough that bringing one or at most two boxes would be good enough for game.

Here the shots of me getting it ready:

The unpunched, un-stuck self-adhesive foam:

Punching the foam out:

Peeling the adhesive cover:

Overall, I like the cases.

GW Case trays fit. A real plus, because it means I can mix-and-match trays into a single box for transport. They're a little shorter and narrower but they fit well.

It's sturdy. It's a big solid box. You could (but probably shouldn't) sit on it, like it's a Coleman cooler. It's got good, solid clasps and a strong exterior.

They're big. Yeah, a plus and a minus. A 252-mini case isn't going to be small, but these aren't light-and-easy to transport. They are pretty sturdy, though, and I'm more likely to bring one big box than to bring many little boxes. Or to remember to pack and bring one big box.

Trays fit loosely. There is a little bit of play on each side of the trays, as well as on top. It really seems like you could fit an 8th tray in there, or should put a cover on top to keep minis from bouncing out on a speed bump or pothole during transport. I don't know if it will or not, but I'll try putting pre-painted plastics in my case for the first experimental trip to my gaming location of choice.

Overall these weren't cheap, but they are really nice and they are the new home and transportation for my minis when I go to game.

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