Monday, August 13, 2012

DF15 Expansion: Master of Light

For a recent Daily Illuminator, the Rev. Pee Kitty aka one of the GURPS line editors, wrote up a 250-point version of the 62-point Torchbearer template. If 62 points spent on carrying a torch didn't seem excessive enough, here comes utter torch-bearing awesomeness.

Master of Light

Wow, thanks PK! You've riffed off of one of my goofier ideas ("Dude, we need a whole book of guys who drink potions and carrying torches!") into a really, utterly, awesomely goofy idea. I'm flattered. You saw "Not Without My Torch!" and raised it by "Torch Blessing." I'm awestruck.


  1. Not sure where else to post this... But Master of Light ROCKS. Loved it!

    1. This is a good enough place to post it. It's so cool to see someone riff off my own weirdness and go completely nuts with it.

  2. Much like the Seventh Son and Innkeeper, I would actually consider playing one of these. Seems like an interesting concept and a way to play a sidekick-type support character without being left in the dust points-wise.


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