Friday, August 10, 2012

Random Thoughts V

Just some random thoughts.

- Painted like a demon this month. Did a dozen or more zombies, a bunch of monsters, and assorted other figures such as hirelings and mercenaries. Just wanted to bang some out and clear my desk before I go on vacation.

- Combat systems are a skills system. A basic one and one that's not that easily expanded to everything else, but it's a skill system. From 0e on D&D guys are ranked ("levels") in terms of combat ability, and ability to survive combat. It doesn't matter how good of a swordsman you are, it's die rolls and your character's skill as defined by the combat results tables. Sure, player skill matters - knowing who to try to hit, who not to, where to move on the battlefield, etc. - but it does for any other skill in that game or any other game.

- Yeah, this is why I like skill systems too. Although Fast Draw Knife From Teeth is long gone in 4th edition GURPS, although if it comes up in play a lot you could spend points to buy off the (canonical) penalty. Or ignore it, like most of us do anyway. It's why 4e is a lot tighter on skills.

- I haven't been playing much. Our previous session wasn't supposed be to our last session for the Summer, but things came up for me and for enough players to derail any gaming. Annoying.

- Light Posting. My posting for the rest of August will be spotty as I'll be overseas and spending relatively little time on the internet. I'll pop on the see how the Kickstarters I supported are doing and such, but otherwise . . . don't worry, I'm out here, I'm just not planning to post as often for a few weeks.

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