Sunday, August 5, 2012

Reaper Bones Kickstarter

How could I not?

Reaper Bones Kickstarter

So far, it's just under 100 minis (admittedly unpainted plastic) for $100, and I see more "included in the Vampire level" minis are likely to come along, too. Good thing my hobby provides me with a little bit of a revenue stream, because it all goes back out to minis and paints and game books.

I figure I'll trade or sell the ones I don't need, which is a lot of them. I don't see me painting kobolds, since I find them kind of pointless as monsters. There are others I know I won't need, so I'll be opening up for a big trade next year when these arrive - for other Bones, Legendary Encounters, or Pathfinder minis.

Thanks to Carjacked Seraphim for blogging about this - I'd been too busy to look at Reaper's site so I would have missed it. And Tower of the Archmage for showing how easy the Bones line is to paint.


  1. Have you ever given kobolds the powers that they were supposed to have had when they were fairies in myths and legends? That is one reason I tend to make goblins, trolls and ogres have supernatural power and durability in order to make them more interesting and challenging. The kobolds in my campaigns are from another world and they can turn invisible, shape-shift (small animals, fires, candles and humans) and they can live within the rock walls so as not to be seen. They can cause cave-ins and their hammering on the walls can cause confusion and insanity. In short, my kobolds are otherworldly fairies and they can me quite a challenge for even 250 point DF PCs.

    1. I'm not saying you can't make them challenging. I just don't like them, and I just don't see any reason to make them more powerful and challenging instead of just using something else.

    2. I just thought that you didn't like them because they were so weak and powerless and that you had to use all sorts of gimmicks to give them a chance to be a challenge. Anyway, ogres and trolls can be killed by the hundreds if they are treated as just large mundane humanoids. IMO it is a shame to have ogres and trolls be but a flick of the sword from death by DF PCs. I mean ogres and trolls are supposed to be feared, at least according to myths and stories.

    3. I'd care more if I'd read those stories first. But to me, kobolds were those guys in that cave in module B2, and ogres have 4+1 hit dice.

      I do dislike them for being weak and pointless and then gimmicked up. But I've never felt any need to essentially re-skin a tougher critter with the name "kobold."


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