Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sean Punch talking GURPS

Sean "Dr. Kromm" Punch, the Line Editor of GURPS, talks about the system on This Week In Geek:

TWIG Interview: GURPS Line Editor Sean Punch

He brings up Dungeon Fantasy once or twice, and naturally GURPS Martial Arts as well, but it's a more general interview about the system. It's a good, but short (25 minutes or so) listen.


  1. gurps 3 was awesome some of best game books ever - newer version leaves me cold - fat books over frequent dense smaller works - none of recent worldbooks have interested me

    1. That's too bad. I liked 3e, but rules-wise and utility-wise, I find 4e a great improvement. The 3e books were fun to use, but compared to 3e, much harder to actually just pick up and use in play. IMO.

  2. Punch comes of as very articulate in the written interviews I've seen. The answers come off as very complete, precise, and as attempting to be flame-proof while putting to rest common complaints.

    This interview reveals a far more geeky fellow than the serious editorial tone of Sean's normally conjures. I appreciate his unbridled enthusiasm... plus... his track record of "eating his own dogfood."

    Cool cat.

  3. Yeah, he's a good representative of the game. Plus, he co-authors some good books.


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