Friday, June 14, 2013

Another AOD optional rule

I originally posted this to Gaming Ballistic, but I didn't want to lose track of it.

Optional Rule: All-Out Defense and Feverish Defense

If you use the Feverish Defense option (see Extra Effort in Combat, p. 357), and you take All-Out Defense on the turn immediately following the effort, you recover the 1 FP spent on Feverish Defense. This can only recover 1 FP, regardless of how many times you used Feverish Defense (and regardless of whether the extra effort worked, or the defense succeeded), and only recover FP from Feverish Defense. FP recovery is not affected by any advantages or limited by disadvantages.

Up to 1 FP used for Feverish Defense used during your All-Out Defense can be recovered on the next turn if you continue to stay on All-Out Defense.

Notes: The idea is to increase the "knocked back onto the defensive" effect of attacks by rewarding you for staying on the defense.

For example, in play it might look like this:

So A goes.
B attacks A. A uses Feverish Defense to get a +2 to defend, pays 1 FP.
A goes again, and can either do whatever he wants, or does AOD (and automatically recovers the 1 FP spent on Feverish Defense.)


  1. I see no problem allowing people to recover 1 FP spent on feverish defense per turn, up to the amount spent on the turn previous to AOD, as long as they take consecutive AOD actions, and do not move:

    B, C and D attack A, for a total of 6 attacks, with morning stars. A decides that he really needs to dodge them all, and spends 6 FP on feverish defense. This puts him dangerously close to 1/3 FP, and so he decides to try and recover a little. If he spends 6 turns in AOD and not moving, he can recover those 6 FP.

    1. I'd just rather not

      - make Feverish Defense effectively free for all uses, because then AOD is just +4 or two defenses at +2 all the time


      - force people to not move, and then have to decide if "Retreat" counts as moving, and if it doesn't why does Step, etc.

      But allowing it to scale up might be nice. Recover half of the FP you used for Feverish Defense, round up, say?


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