Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bones, Primers, Sealers

Three things today:


My Reaper Bones came yesterday, so I've slotted some time today to go through them and make sure it's all there. The add-ons are, for sure - including my 9" tall C'thulhu! Not sure yet what I'll do with that, although I do have stats for him in GURPS already.

I got a Vampire pledge and a couple add-ins instead of Sophie (I don't collect the models of her, and I don't need a naked succubus on a motorcycle). So I have a lot of plastic here - more than 6 1/2 pounds of it. I have - aside from add ons - 240 minis to get through and check. I do want to make sure nothing is missing ASAP. And then I can start sorting aside the ones I have no use for, for trade or sale.

Reaper Bones

So yeah, it's "sort and check them off the list" day here. We'll see if I get through it before I need to do actual work.


Apparently I'm not supposed to need to prime my Bones, but we'll see how that works out with my sloppy painting skills and cheap craft paints.

But I just posted something on the primers I use on d20 Dark Ages, so I'll post it here, too.

Here is what I use:

White - Rustoleum Painter's Touch Sandable Primer #1981
Gray - Rustoleum Painter's Touch Sandable Primer #1980
Black - either Varsity Fast Drying Primer P-1147
Brite Touch General Purpose Primer BT50


I'm a big fan of layered sealers, so here is what I use:

Shiny stuff:
Rustoleum Matte Clear #1902 (says "matte" but it's just "low gloss.")

I put a layer of that on anything I painted but didn't dip or coat with Quickshade.

Matte stuff:
Testor's Flat (Lusterless) Dullcote 1260
Army Painter Anti-Shine Matte Varnish

I highly recommend the Army Painter stuff - it's not expensive for its size (roughly $12 for 400 ml aka a full-size can) and it doesn't turn your mini to snow.

Okay, back to sorting the bones . . .


Check the comments below for my post-sort update.


  1. I'm SOOO jealous. I still have not received my shipping confirmation email! grrr!

    ours was a fairly complicated order though. Lots of add-ons and such.

    1. Sadly I have a few missing entirely - not from the add-ons, but from the base set. So I'm slowly making a checklist of what I should have, and don't. It is really going to take time, because the closest thing I have to a packing list is an image of the Vampire pledge level from Kickstarter, not a real packing list.

    2. yea i have heard that there were some problems with missing minis from the Vampire Box. Bummer.

    3. My friend Ted is the first person I know to get their Bones. We didn't notice anything missing (too much stuff) but there was a duplicate of one of the original 30 (robed sorceress).

      I have a large enough collection already that if I don't get some of the orcs, rats, goblins, or generic fantasy adventurers I'm not going to care too much. Not getting the giants, swamp things, griffons, or other big unusual stuff would make me very sad, though.

      And it is annoying that there was neither a packing list nor any instructions included in the box.

    4. It has a list of what's included, but only by package name. They do provide a good web page of item numbers and pictures, though - www.reapermini.com/kickstarter - but I needed to print a paper list I could cross things off of. I used the one here:


      In the end, I ended up with - ahem! - 29 missing line items, working out to be something like 42 minis. I also ended up with 37 duplicates. A bunch I'll trade, but somehow I ended up with 2x as many Pathfinder goblins, which is awesome because a) I use them in my game and b) I don't nearly have enough goblin minis. Very amusingly I ended up with extra pirates, which is amusing once you know that my players once got me a Wargames Foundry Pirate Horde.


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