Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ogre in production

Looking at this thing, I just need to quote The Commitments:


That's a big game.


Hopefully this also frees up SJG staff for non-Ogre stuff, like GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling.


  1. I remember when there was a new GURPS 4e product up on e23 every week or so....

    1. The pipeline hasn't closed off, but it's been a while since new 4e stuff has come out steadily.

    2. Except for Pyramid. Which perhaps isn't a full-on "GURPS Product", but is still pretty good stuff.

  2. What what? Grappling? Who WROTE THAT? I can't remember - like the Entwives, it was too long ago. But hey, the last Kromm update said "normal art progress." Art must have taken a Step and Wait.

  3. To me, one of the iconic aspects of Ogre is that it is a game about gigantic autonomous nuclear land battleships that fits in your back pocket.

    Now I know why kids these days need such baggy pants. Evolution finds a way.

  4. I'm waiting for the Ritual Path Magic book and Madness Dossier; TG can wait! ;)

    (Most of the GURPS I run is firmly on the cinematic side. The current PCs are 1100-1500 point jacks of all trades, with Fast to Very Fast Regeneration, TbaM, WM, Gunslinger, etc., with chambara rules in full effect. Gritty grappling rules that involve percentage increases to new derivations of ST aren't likely to get used. I'll probably get it, just in case there's something I can use and because I might as well get all the 4e. But I don't think I'll ever be interested in playing GURPS COLE, let alone the rest of my group. Core 4e with some MA is already pushing it with the players, I suspect.)


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