Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bronze Age meteoric iron weaponry = proof of magic

See, clear evidence of magic:

- Bronze Age peoples made meteoric iron weapons;

- Dungeon Fantasy 1: Adventurers says meteoric iron weapons are unaffected by magic, making them awesome ways to bypass pesky Missile Shield and Blocking spells;

- they made these weapons even though they had perfectly good bronze weapons (and orichalcum weapons, obviously) to slay things with.

Therefore in the Bronze Age people had wizards to fight and slay, just like in Conan books. QED.

That's just science. And magic! And Awesome!

(King Tutankhamun's dagger)

Okay, it's mostly just awesome.


  1. As someone with credentials in the field, I can confirm that this checks out.

    1. And with that comment, this is now a peer reviewed study, suitable for citing in future works discussing early barbarian vs. sorcerer encounters.

  2. Coming in late here but that sounds a lot like the world of de Camp's Pusadian stories.


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