Sunday, March 11, 2018

Fun playtest session today

We had a really fun, mostly silly but sometimes tense and exciting session of DF today.

Unfortunately I can't give a full game session summary, because the one-shot we played is for some material we volunteered to playtest with. It's not mine to give out. We did have some really amusing things, though, that I can share:

Hither came Conan

We had a nice bit of backstory for the adventure. We made one of our players read it in the voice of Mako, who was Akira in the Conan movies. Well, half of the time it was Mako. He did part of it in a great impression of Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Brothers.

Bring on the Barbarians!

We had seven players. We had a human thief (who claimed to be a knight, just a cautious one), a human wizard focused on Mind Control, a human cleric, and a human knight - along with three barbarians - two human, one dwarven. Two of them used sw/imp weapons - a pick for the dwarf, a warhammer for one of the humans. Two of the three barbarians were Shirtless Savages.


If it could go wrong, it did. Not in terms of bad rolls, but in terms of decisions. They stealthily moved up to a door and had a very pickable lock, and bashed the door open - waking up the sleeping guards within. They yelled and screamed during the fight.

They then ignored party SOP and didn't check if a door was disused or not, and found themselves fighting a bunch of banshee-screaming critters.

Then they spiked a door shut when guards came to investigate, revealing their presence.

Etc., etc., etc. They just weren't tight on their game. They had a blast (as did I), and fought well, but man, they had some issues with not creating trouble out of opportunity.

You worship what?

One of the human barbarians worships the Forest Kraken, who takes you up into the trees with his tentacles and keeps you safe in his jaws. Don't mock the forest kraken!

You are named what?

Sir Robin the Knight, Dokson the barbarian, and Thorgrim the barbarian were among the names. Thorgrim was beside himself with grief at a lot of things tonight - getting hit with axes, getting set on fire, getting poisoned, getting stunned.

To Be Continued

This isn't Felltower, so we let the PCs end in the dungeon. Next time we play, we'll see what the mix is and play one of GT, DF Felltower, or this playtest. If we get enough of the players for this session, we'll play this again.

What's interesting is we're undecided if this is canonical Felltower game world or not. If we decide it is, what happened gets fit in to the game. If so, what happened, happened. If not, we'll decide if the PCs who played get reset back to their starting points or keep any XP. Also if no, people can take their guy and re-do him after seeing how they played. That's how Vryce got started, along with Inquisitor Marco - they were playtest characters for DF, and got tweaked for a regular game.

Fun stuff, and a fun session.

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