Friday, March 30, 2018

Random Notes & Post Links 3/30

Random Notes

- One of the players in my game wants to get the "gorgon" skull - the stone bull skull - converted to a horned helmet. Lucky for me, I already did the thinking I needed to do on this and put it in DFD Barbarians. Whew.

- We did some game material playtesting recently, and we're going to pick it up again. Maybe. It seems like the PCs are going to just end up in an extended, running battle for survival until they fail. So I'm not sure it's worth picking back up. But if my players are interested, we'll add that to the game roster until we've finished it.

- I've had zero time to paint. Well, a little time, but zero energy when it's come time to paint. I'm hoping to clear out some dedicated painting time, however, because I have some things that need paint before they hit the table. The PCs are getting close to a few . . .

Blog Post Links

I'd like to highlight two monster posts:

James Holloway is doing a design-a-monster contest.

Charles Saeger set % in lair, number appearing, and treasure suggestions for the monsters in GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. Nice. I might have done it differently, but he actually did it, which is the most important thing. Plus, 2dx10 is a reasonable way to deploy dinomen.


  1. Do you has a link to the Saeger post?


  2. Do feel free to make suggestions for tweaks to this list. I keep thinking I should come up with an estimate of how many leader-types there are for humanoids.


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