Friday, March 29, 2024

Random Links for 3/29/2024

And I'm back.

- I got what might be an AI comment on my blog. Or maybe not. It's actually well written comment that reflects the contents of the post well, and expresses an opinion on it that makes sense in a way spam comments don't . . . except the profile of the commenter is a sales redirect. Weird. If it was just anonymous I'd have let it through.

- I took a short trip to Italy. I don't normally discuss my non-gaming life here, but it's relevant to gaming.

First, I have a post coming about mapping and room layouts after cruising around Pompeii for a few hours.

Second, I met up with one of the playtesters for GURPS Martial Arts, who I've known online for decades but finally met in person. If anyone remembers Peppe, aka Luther, that's who I met up with.

And third, this door in Roma very close to the Spanish Steps is more Trampier than anything except actual Trampier.

- We're potentially looking at 2 sessions of Felltower in April. Crazy, I know.

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