Monday, May 20, 2024

More Notes on DF Session 193

Here are some more notes on last session.

- I have a lot of fun with The Oracle. Here he is, stunned that these barbarians can't speak the Tongue of the Gods.

- I enjoy the fact that Hannari refers to the "Annals of Vryce" for information - the summaries. The best part is that Vryce didn't write them, and wouldn't even if you'd paid him to. Vryce was a here-and-now kind of a guy.

- The dragontooth warriors were straight out of Harryhausen special effects. I won't fully reveal their stats, but suffice it to say are glass snipers. Very skilled, reasonably good damage, excellent defenses, not a lot of DR or HP. They aren't - as the PCs found to their dismay - especially vulnerable to crushing attacks. Or cutting. They went down with high damage hits and a few from accumulated damage from lower-damage hits.

I was dismayed that they couldn't score a crit to save their lives. The Guardian made up for that, though!

- The Guadian mini is one I've had for years. In fact, this encounter (although not the map I used) was originally written for my 3rd edition GURPS campaign that ran from roughly 1999-2010 or so. So is Agar's Wand, which, spoiler alert, is in DFT3. If the PCs can retrieve it, they can already know what it does. They didn't in my previous campaign, never having followed up on its location. If they can't, well, it'll sit unused for another campaign! It's got some limits, as it's less of a neutral but driven item like Gram / Balmung /Sigurd's Sword or Shieldslayer, and not the typical nasty weapon like Frenzy, Malice, or Grimslaughter. We'll see what happens.

- I have to check where I wrote our rulings on Shield. I have to write them in their own post. One thing is that it protects you, but doesn't extend to protect your weapon against disarms and breakage.

- Meteoric is anti-magic, not anti-supernatural, and Cosmic is Cosmic. It would have made a difference for the duel if it did!

- The GURPS VTT nicely does Control Points. Sadly, I'm not sure it'll give the numbers I actually use for CP with my stupidly simplified grappling system (and yes, it's more simple than Doug's.)

- The Olympus world isn't a "real" world. It's nonsensical in a lot of ways, with only what needs to be there to facilitate the challenges the world offers. It has its own internal logic, though, and some connections to the rest of the campaign besides just being a place for loot and fun. Mostly, though, it's a multi-delve capable series of one-shot attempts to do the stuff there.

- XP is per session in a gate world, not per delve.

- I suspect the players will likely frantically Google the names I used. They're lifted from Greek myth, of course, and used, generally, as-is. But I don't think they'll help much. Knowing the names of Brontes's brothers will help if they meet them, I suppose. But most of this is a mix of what I liked from the Odyssey, random collections of Greek myths I've read over the years, the Aeneid, bits of Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts, the odd Hercules movies, and minis I happen to own.


  1. I assume the Shield spell does not protect against disarms because a shield does not give DB bonuses to defense rolls against a disarm attempt, as "the Defense Bonus of a shield provides no benefit whatsoever." (B401).

    1. Pretty much. That also avoid nonsense logical extensions like, Shield extends to what I touch, or Shield should help my sword not be parried because my Shield provides it DB, and other stupid stuff. Keeping it dirt simple - it acts in the situations a small-S shield would - is plenty for keeping it very effective and fairly priced.


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