Monday, May 13, 2024

Painting glasses?

I'm thinking of getting back into painting minis. I stopped a while back - maybe a couple years ago, maybe longer - whenever my last WIP post was, in all likelihood. I stopped for a few reasons, but a big one is vision. I wear glasses for vision correction, but painted without them. Now, though, my close-in vision is sufficiently poor that holding a 28mm mini in close is still not enough to see details and is very tiring on my eyes, as well.

I cannot paint with an external magnifying glass. I have a rig for such, but I just can't handle the different levels of magification between my hand, the brush, the glass, and what's magnified in the glass. I tried and failed.

So I'm thinking I need something like this:

Painting like Joubert

Or a pair of magnifying glasses I can wear. I don't know if it's possible for me to paint even with such a setup, but I'm going to try.

Does anyone have a recommendation from experience? I've done some random searching, but actual use experience would be helpful so I'm not just guessing and spending.


  1. Just get regular reading glasses from the drug store. You can bring a mini with you and try on different strengths until you find one that lets you focus comfortably at a working distance. You won’t look cool but it works just as well as any magnifying headset or loupes

    1. I second this. I have a buddy who has two different strength reading glasses, one pair for reading and one for painting minis, since those activities are done at different distances to a different 'fidelity'.

    2. Bringing a mini to the store to see what works is helpful. I'll do just that.


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